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thumbnail image: thumbnail for: European <em>E. Coli</em> Outbreaks Could Recur

Features: European E. Coli Outbreaks Could Recur

The apparent source of contamination in the deadly E. coli outbreak in Europe—a single massive shipment of fenugreek seeds from Egypt—has been widely distributed throughout the continent, and new outbreaks or continued sporadic cases are likely until the expiration date of the seeds three years from now, according to a report from the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA).

Features: Germany's E. coli Nightmare

With at least 40 dead and thousands sickened in more than a dozen nations, food investigation methods are once again under close scrutiny

thumbnail image: thumbnail for: Public Trust in Food Safety Hits Highest Level in Seven Years

Features: Public Trust in Food Safety Hits Highest Level in Seven Years

Nearly nine out of 10 consumers are “completely” or “somewhat” confident that the food they buy in the supermarket is safe, according to the latest U.S. Grocery Shopper Trends Survey.

Departments: A Pioneer in Thermal Death-Time Standards

It may be common knowledge today that heat administered over time kills germs, including bacteria in food. But until the early 1900s, it was anyone’s guess for how long and at what temperature food needed to be cooked to make sure it was safe to eat.

Features: Mastronardi Produce Wins 10th Food Quality Award

An innovative approach to research and development. Strong support for environmental protection and sustainability. A powerful commitment to food safety and quality. Dedication to customer service and satisfaction. Those ingredients earned Mastronardi Produce, a distributor of fresh fruits and vegetables, the 10th-annual Food Quality Award.

Features: Beyond Just Testing

As food manufacturers and retailers grapple with an ever-growing list of food safety and quality compliance demands, they are looking for ways to better utilize their contract laboratories to help manage these additional compliance requirements.

thumbnail image: thumbnail for: Customer Communication, Simplified

Features: Customer Communication, Simplified

Wondering how to talk about food risk with your customers? Now all the resources that provide guidance on how to do just that can be found on a new website.

Features: New Edible Coating Could Boost Meat Shelf Life

New antimicrobial edible coatings made with essential oils like clove and oregano could boost the shelf life of meats by as much as 50%, researchers at the Public University of Navarre in Spain reported.

Features: A Key Figure in Food Safety

Mention the name Louis Pasteur (1822-1895), and most people think of the pasteurization process he invented to prevent beverage spoilage. But Pasteur was a true renaissance man, researching, teaching chemistry and physics, and ultimately making discoveries that revolutionized fields such as agriculture, hygiene, and industry.

thumbnail image: thumbnail for: Researchers to Develop Self-Sanitizing Surfaces

Features: Researchers to Develop Self-Sanitizing Surfaces

Plan to use halamine coating could reduce illness-causing organisms




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