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thumbnail image: thumbnail for: Food Safety Contest Offering $500,000 Prize Pool

News: Food Safety Contest Offering $500,000 Prize Pool

The FDA is hoping that the prospect of $500,000 in prizes will spur the development of “potential breakthrough ideas” in foodborne pathogen detection—specifically, detecting Salmonella in fresh produce.

Departments: Scientific Findings: Wheat-Based Pasta, Sweet Potatos, and More

New research from Wiley's food science journals

thumbnail image: thumbnail for: Genetic Research on Soybeans Provides Tool for Better Crop Yield

News: Genetic Research on Soybeans Provides Tool for Better Crop Yield

Genotyping of the more than 19,000 soybean accessions in the USDA Soybean Germplasm Collection will enable soybean breeders to develop and select seeds for better disease and insect resistance and other traits that are needed for specific field and climate conditions, according to a USDA researcher.

Columns: Percy Spencer’s Microwave Revolutionizes Fast Cooking

Spencer’s idea to apply microwave technology to cooking was more of a fortuitous coincidence

thumbnail image: thumbnail for: What’s Next for Edible Coatings?

News: What’s Next for Edible Coatings?

The edible-coating market for food products—particularly fresh fruits and vegetables—has grown from a small cottage industry in 1985, when only 10 companies were in the business, to more than 1,000 companies that exceed $100 million in annual sales today. One of the gurus of the edible-coating industry, Attila Pavlath, PhD, said that the next big challenge he is working on is an edible coating that will stave off the unattractive white film that appears on baby carrots after several days.

thumbnail image: thumbnail for: Structure of Chinese Milk Contaminant Determined

News: Structure of Chinese Milk Contaminant Determined

The crystal structure of melamine cyanurate, the chemical thought to be the culprit in the 2008 contamination of milk that sickened some 300,000 Chinese infants, has been described by scientists in the U.K. The publication, which corrects a previous report on the crystal structure, may allow the design of better tests to detect melamine in food products.

Columns: Women’s Role in Reforming Food Safety

Before U.S. women earned the right to vote in 1920, three female pioneers in food safety endured discrimination to make major contributions to the field.

Columns: Gail Borden Jr. 'Got Milk'

A New England businessman and inventor founded Gail Borden Eagle Brand condensed milk




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