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thumbnail image: thumbnail for: Deadly Cantaloupe Outbreak Probed by U.S. Prosecutors

Features: Deadly Cantaloupe Outbreak Probed by U.S. Prosecutors

Rumors continue to swirl around an alleged federal criminal probe being conducted by U.S. prosecutors into the deadly 2011 Listeria outbreak traced to cantaloupes sold by Colorado-based Jensen Farms, which the CDC reports killed at least 33 people and sickened nearly 150 more.

thumbnail image: thumbnail for: As FSMA Implementation Misses More Deadlines, Educators Can Only Wait

Features: As FSMA Implementation Misses More Deadlines, Educators Can Only Wait

FSPCA—the public-private group planning a nationwide core curriculum, along with training and outreach programs for implementation of the Food Safety Modernization Act—has nothing to use for training.

Features: Cantaloupe Growers Say Yes to Regulations

In a definite first for the produce industry, a probable first in the food safety industry, and a possible first for just about any industry, California cantaloupe growers have voted unanimously to support a mandatory food safety program to be implemented by the state commodity board.

Features: Pioneering Consumer Advocate Gave Rise to FDA

Harvey Wiley was the father of the Pure Food and Drugs Act of 1906

Departments: The Battle Over "Pink Slime"

Science vs. public outrage over BPI's lean finely textured beef

Features: FSIS Will Act on ‘Potential Positive’ E. Coli Tests

Under a new USDA policy, the FSIS will be able to begin investigating cases of E. coli O157:H7 contamination in meat and poultry after receiving “presumptively positive” test results, rather than waiting for those preliminary results to be confirmed positive.

Features: Effect of Canada’s Food Inspector Cuts Debated

Plans to cut approximately 100 food inspector positions from the Canadian Food Inspection Agency over the next three years—a move projected to save the agency some $56 million—may not have as much impact on the nation’s food safety as has been claimed, according to one Canadian microbiologist and food safety expert.

Features: Proposed FDA Guidance on Nanomaterials Seen As Flawed

The FDA’s proposed guidance document for the use of nanomaterials as food additives is “a step in the right direction,” said a leading nanotechnology expert, but ultimately leaves the decision about whether or not to consult with the FDA in the hands of industry.

thumbnail image: thumbnail for: Industry, Experts Await FDA Word on Antibiotics in Livestock

Features: Industry, Experts Await FDA Word on Antibiotics in Livestock

Livestock experts, consumer groups and the food industry are awaiting a response from the FDA on the use of certain antibiotics, including tetracyclines and penicillin, in animal feed, in the wake of a ruling that the FDA must withdraw approval for the use of these antimicrobials unless the manufacturers can prove their safety for this purpose.

Departments: Food Companies Should Plan for Outbreak Response Before it Occurs, Act Quickly to Shape Outcome

A longtime industry colleague and friend recently told me it was the things he couldn’t see that he feared most. Lurking somewhere in his processing equipment or on a product sitting in a sales cooler, there are a few colonies of pathogenic bacteria waiting to wreak havoc in our business and lives.




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