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Columns: New Proposed FSMA Regulations: From Farm to Fork

An overview of what exactly the two FSMA rules from the FDA mean for the food industry

Columns: Small Businesses Tip the Scales for FSMA Exemptions

While smaller farms and facilities applaud FDA’s proposed regulations, many food industry experts question whether these exemptions weaken FSMA’s effectiveness at preventing foodborne disease

thumbnail image: thumbnail for: Markey Debuts Revised Seafood Fraud Bill

Features: Markey Debuts Revised Seafood Fraud Bill

With studies showing that seafood is mislabeled as much as 33% of the time, Representative Edward Markey (D-MA) on March 6 introduced a new bipartisan version of his legislation to combat seafood fraud. The SAFE Seafood Act requires information collected by U.S. fishermen—such as species name, catch location, and harvest method—to “follow the fish,” and be made available to consumers. It also requires equivalent documentation from foreign fish producers, and expands the ability of...

thumbnail image: thumbnail for: Beleaguered Eastern Cantaloupe Growers Form Association

Features: Beleaguered Eastern Cantaloupe Growers Form Association

After two seasons in a row of disease outbreaks associated with cantaloupe—the Jensen Farms (Colorado) listeria outbreak of 2011 and the Chamberlain Farms (Indiana) salmonella outbreak of 2012—growers on the East Coast of the U.S. have come together to form their own association aimed at improving food safety practices and restoring consumer confidence.

thumbnail image: thumbnail for: Pressure Mounts to Label Genetically Modified Foods

Features: Pressure Mounts to Label Genetically Modified Foods

Statewide efforts to pass laws requiring labeling of genetically modified foods have so far failed—California’s bill went down to defeat in November—but more states are trying. On Feb. 22, a coalition of consumer and environmental groups (and even one labor union) held a press conference urging New Jersey’s legislature to become the first in the nation to mandate such labeling.

Features: As Regulatory Oversight Grows, Career Development in Food Safety Shifts

Preparing the next-generation of leaders is vital.

thumbnail image: thumbnail for: U.K. Regulators, Food Industry Agree on Testing Program

Features: U.K. Regulators, Food Industry Agree on Testing Program

The Food Standards Agency (FSA) and representatives of the food industry in the United Kingdom agreed to conduct testing of meat products and publish the results “to provide a clearer picture of standards in the food chain,” the agency announced February 4. Some grocery chains have also announced their own new DNA testing regimens. The tests are being implemented in response to the identification of horse and pig DNA in beef products in the U.K. and Ireland.

thumbnail image: thumbnail for: FDA Finally Releases Proposed FSMA Rules

Features: FDA Finally Releases Proposed FSMA Rules

Nearly a year after they were originally anticipated, two of the rules needed for full implementation of the Food Safety Modernization Act have finally been released by the FDA: the produce safety and preventive controls — considered by many to be the most important of the five awaiting release.

Features: Despite Delays in Implementation of FSMA, the Food Industry Moves Forward

The delays haven't stopped vendors who will help the food industry comply with the FSMA when it's fully enacted.

Features: Opening the Regulatory Floodgates Two Years After FSMA Passage

With the election behind, will the Obama Administration cut loose on new mandates and finish the job on implementation?




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