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Columns: Animal Food Rule: The Road to Compliance is Much Longer for Some

Facilities are hoping for extra compliance time as they navigate through preventative controls, cGMPs, exemptions, and Qualified Individual requirements associated with the animal feed rule

thumbnail image: thumbnail for: FDA Issues Draft Food Transport Safety Rule

News: FDA Issues Draft Food Transport Safety Rule

"This proposed rule will help reduce the likelihood of conditions during transportation that can lead to human or animal illness or injury," said Michael R. Taylor, the FDA's deputy commissioner for foods and veterinary medicine. "We are now one step closer to fully implementing the comprehensive regulatory framework for prevention that will strengthen the FDA's inspection and compliance tools, modernize oversight of the nation's food safety system, and prevent foodborne illnesses before...

thumbnail image: thumbnail for: Curbing Antibiotic Use in Food Animals

News: Curbing Antibiotic Use in Food Animals

A guidance document issued by the FDA in December aims to phase out the use of medically important antimicrobial drugs for food production purposes. The document asks companies that make animal pharmaceuticals to voluntarily revise the labels of these products to remove production uses—such as enhancing animal growth or improving feed efficiency—and restrict these antimicrobials to therapeutic uses under veterinary oversight.

thumbnail image: thumbnail for: Reviews Mixed on FDA’s Proposed Food Defense Rule

News: Reviews Mixed on FDA’s Proposed Food Defense Rule

The FDA’s release in December of a proposed rule that would require the nation’s largest food businesses to take steps to prevent intentional food adulteration met with little surprise, though some in the food industry feel the guideline is both too specific and too broad.

Columns: Systems Recognition: Designation Will Be Challenging for Most Countries

If a foreign country is able to achieve a ‘comparable’ food safety system, it can cut through the regulatory red tape and make it easier for its food producers to export to the U.S.

Columns: GM Foods: Can We Afford for States to Set Their Own Regulations?

Besides unintended consumer consequences, food quality and safety managers would have to manage conflicting GMO labeling standards for identical products across multiple states

thumbnail image: thumbnail for: Consumer Organizations Against Proposed USDA Poultry Rule

News: Consumer Organizations Against Proposed USDA Poultry Rule

Last year, the USDA FSIS proposed a new regulation that would allow poultry processing plants to increase line speeds from 32 turkeys per minute to 55 turkeys per minute. Although the rule was designed to improve food safety by automating some aspects of the inspection process, consumer organizations feel the proposed changes do not account for the expected adverse impacts that a faster line speed will have on worker health and safety.

thumbnail image: thumbnail for: Proposed Rule on Animal Food Production Released

News: Proposed Rule on Animal Food Production Released

The preventive controls in the proposed regulations would apply to domestic and imported animal food, including pet food, animal feed, and raw materials and ingredients. The CGMPs, while similar to the proposed human food CGMPs, are not identical; they do not address certain practices that do not pertain to animal food, such as allergen cross-contact, according to the FDA.

Columns: Getting Imported Foods on the Straight and Narrow

With globalization adding more complexities to supply chain, FDA’s recently proposed rules aim to assure imported products meet the same standards as those produced domestically

Columns: Will FSVP Shed Light on Food Safety or Keep it in the Dark?

Deciding which of the two competing options under proposed FSVP rules will be more beneficial for food processors, foreign stakeholders, and consumers




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