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News: USDA Inspector General Finds Fault in Swine Slaughter Oversight

An audit of the inspection and enforcement activities of the USDA’s FSIS at swine slaughter plants identified multiple deficiencies, according to a recent report released in May. Among the report’s findings: FSIS’s enforcement actions do not deter repeat violations, inspectors do not always follow inspection protocols, and inspectors do not always take enforcement actions against humane handling violations at slaughter plants.

Features: USDA Requirement to Test Beef for Non-0157 Strains of E. coli Faces Challenges

Within the next few days or the next few months—depending on whether or not industry challenges to implementation of the rule are successful—U.S. beef producers will be required to test their meats not only for the well-known pathogenic strain of E. coli known as 0157:H7, but also for six other strains of the bacteria known to cause illness in humans.

Departments: Training Oversights and Their Impact on GFSI

The Global Food Safety Initiative tightened food safety standards with the North American introduction of its approved benchmarking schemes in 2007. Yet one of the most important elements of these schemes, the need for training and knowledge retention, often falls short, as a number of third-party audits can attest.

Features: Five Key Areas That Will Shape the Food Industry in 2012

The most notable factors that will influence the health of the food industry in 2012 include food demand, outbreaks, recalls, regulation, and safety.

Departments: Fine Tune Your Compliance

HACCP systems have been required in a number of food manufacturing categories for many years and continue to expand as the standard model for all categories in the food industry and supply chain. Validation, an important component of HACCP Principle 6 verification, is not a new concept to the food industry. However, the subject of validation is not always well understood by those individuals who perform food safety and quality audits to determine compliance with current regulatory and industry standards.

News: Canada Needs New Import Process, Expert Says

In the wake of an internal audit that found major deficiencies in the safety systems used to screen food imported into Canada, a microbiologist and former Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) official says that country’s import process—and possibly that of the U.S.—could benefit from an overhaul.

Features: Sweet Success

In a 24/7-production environment, Gertrude Hawk Chocolates optimizes production and quality by switching to a new self-cleaning filter system that eliminates production stoppage due to filter cleaning and blocking When Gertrude Hawk began making chocolates in the family kitchen almost 70 years ago, she had no idea what it would lead to. Today, Gertrude Hawk Chocolates, based in Dunmore, Pa., is still a family run business but sells assorted chocolate products in markets ranging from retail and wholesale to...

Features: Auditing Advancements

Surviving in the world of food business takes intelligence, planning, attention to detail and, according to many industry leaders, the latest auditing technology. Mike Dunn, zone director for quality assurance and food safety at Sodexho Corp. (Houston, Texas), says auditing software has allowed the food and facilities management services company to proactively manage its auditing system and substantially increase efficiency and accuracy.




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