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thumbnail image: thumbnail for: SPECIAL FEATURE: In a Packaging Pickle?

Features: SPECIAL FEATURE: In a Packaging Pickle?

When it comes to pickle packaging, consumers are very familiar with seeing a glass jar with a metal closure on store shelves. The reason that companies select this package format goes beyond industry standards, however. The partnership between metal and glass is an ideal vehicle to use in order to maintain the integrity of the product.

Features: Controlling Particulate Contamination with Fabric Curtain Walls

Fabric curtain walls provide a floor to ceiling blockade against foreign objects, yet allow fast and unimpeded access for conveyors and personnel

Features: Foreign Material Controls in the Red Meat Industry

Meat facilities achieve a higher level of product quality by following proper detection, segregation, and final product disposition procedures

Features: Selecting, Retrofitting, and Integrating Used Equipment

How to assess the risk versus the payoff while still meeting safety and quality guidelines

Features: Incorporating a Color-Coding Program

Best practices in implementing a color-coding system for food safety

thumbnail image: thumbnail for: Preventing Contamination at the Dock

Features: Preventing Contamination at the Dock

Loading dock equipment, originally meant to increase operational efficiency and to protect the safety of dockworkers, is now being enlisted to protect food products in cold and dry storage facilities as well as during production and transportation. Here are some warehouse solutions that can help a DC or processing facility strengthen their line of defense again contamination.

thumbnail image: thumbnail for: Report Points Up Lack of Oversight on Food Dating

News: Report Points Up Lack of Oversight on Food Dating

The “sell by,” “use by,” and other types of dating on food products are poorly regulated, and the dates are widely misinterpreted by consumers, leading to false confidence in food safety, a new report suggests. More consistent nationwide standards for these dates are needed, as well as clearer, more transparent definitions for the terms used, the report authors indicate.

Features: Getting a Handle on Foreign Materials

Risk assessments of raw materials, process, and finished product, and analysis of customer complaints can help identify control measures

Features: Detection Technologies: What Works, What Doesn’t

The inner workings of establishing a foreign object control program with metal detection or X-ray inspection




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