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thumbnail image: thumbnail for: New Tools to Help Detect Melamine in Skim Milk Powder

News: New Tools to Help Detect Melamine in Skim Milk Powder

A newly proposed standard and associated supportive reference materials for authentication of skim milk powder were posted December 31 by the USP for public review and comment. Development of the proposed tools, aimed at preventing economic adulteration of skim milk powder with melamine and other nitrogen-rich materials, was prompted by the reports of melamine contamination of milk products in China, according to a USP official.

Features: Vibrios and Human Health

Testing new depuration protocols to reduce the rate of Vibrio-related illnesses from oysters

Features: Safeguarding Against False Test Results

Salmonella and Campylobacter impact a number of large food industries, forcing the need to deploy testing solutions that ensure the safety of products and the well-being of consumers

thumbnail image: thumbnail for: Food Safety Market to Top $14,030 Million in Five Years

News: Food Safety Market to Top $14,030 Million in Five Years

The global food safety testing market will reach over $14,000 million in revenue, at a growth rate of 7.2 percent annually, by 2018, according to a new report from the Dallas-based global market research company MarketsandMarkets. This compares with $9,262.3 million in 2012. North America has 40 percent of that market share, and will reach more than $4,000 million by 2018, the report predicted.

Features: Reducing the Unique Risks in Sprouts

Best practices for sampling and microbial testing during sprout production  

Departments: Mass Appeal: What's Hot in Contract Lab Services

More contract labs are working with mass spectrometry as they feel the pressure of providing quicker and more efficient results

thumbnail image: thumbnail for: High Levels of Resistant Organisms Found in Meat

News: High Levels of Resistant Organisms Found in Meat

More than half the samples of ground beef, ground turkey, and pork chops tested by a national health surveillance program contained one or more bacteria resistant to at least one antibiotic, according to an analysis of the test results. The analysis, released April 15 by a nonprofit group, has raised alarms about these findings, but a FDA spokeswoman says the analysis “oversimplifies” the surveillance results.

Features: Re-Evaluating Additives on the GRAS List

Are there food additives once considered safe that should now be banned?

Features: Specialized Materials Analysis Training

Specialized materials analysis training programs can meet the requirements for possible forthcoming FDA training mandates

Departments: Future of Produce Testing in Question

The expense of detective work and exemptions for smaller farms might be a hindrance despite the availability of better and faster assays.




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