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thumbnail image: thumbnail for: Two Giants in the Industry Brew Up a Partnership

Features: Two Giants in the Industry Brew Up a Partnership

McDonald’s has realized the growing need to offer McCafé products for retail purchase, expanding its customer reach to coffee pots and one-cup machines in homes across the nation. Joining the likes of Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts, McDonald’s and Kraft Foods announced a partnership in 2014 to package the McCafé coffee varieties and flavors.

Features: Supporting a Store Brand

A manufacturer’s perspective on the fundamentals of choosing quality suppliers

Features: Bridging Industry and Regulatory to Enhance Safety

The cross-functional collaboration of educational programs will enable food managers to properly respond to an illness outbreak or recall

Features: Preventing Norovirus is in Hands of Food Workers

Food service industry can help prevent norovirus outbreaks by ensuring workers practice proper handwashing

thumbnail image: thumbnail for: Are California Employees Ready for No-Contact Rule on Ready-to-Eat Foods?

News: Are California Employees Ready for No-Contact Rule on Ready-to-Eat Foods?

Employees at retail food facilities in California are prohibited from coming in direct contact with exposed, ready-to-eat food, due to a January 1 update to the California Retail Food Code (CalCode). Previously, restaurant workers were directed by the CalCode to “minimize” bare hand and arm contact with ready-to-eat food. Restaurants will have until July 1 to comply with the change to allow local health authorities time to get up to speed for enforcement.

thumbnail image: thumbnail for: New Prevention Tools to Improve Food Safety in Restaurants

News: New Prevention Tools to Improve Food Safety in Restaurants

Increased awareness and implementation of proper food safety in restaurants and delis may help prevent many of the foodborne illness outbreaks reported each year in the U.S., according to data from the CDC. Researchers identified gaps in the education of restaurant workers as well as public health surveillance, two critical tools necessary in preventing a common and costly public health problem. 

thumbnail image: thumbnail for: Twitter Entering Food Safety Realm?

News: Twitter Entering Food Safety Realm?

Your next tweet could help track a Salmonella outbreak to a restaurant source if a new computer program from researchers at the University of Rochester enters common use. The system, called nEmesis, combines machine-learning and crowdsourcing techniques to analyze millions of tweets to find those from restaurant patrons discussing foodborne illness after eating at a particular location.

thumbnail image: thumbnail for: Keeping Deli Food Listeria-Free: New USDA/FDA Report

Features: Keeping Deli Food Listeria-Free: New USDA/FDA Report

Nearly one in every 10 cases of listeriosis caused by retail deli products could be prevented if all refrigerated, ready-to-eat foods were stored at 41 degrees Fahrenheit or below, as the FDA Food Code recommends.That’s one of several key findings from a major new study on food safety in retail delis issued by the FDA and the USDA’s Food Safety Inspection Service (FSIS).

Departments: Peter Durand’s Metal Can Led to a Food Safety Staple

English merchant Peter Durand got the first patent for a tin plated container in 1810

Departments: Overcome Communication Barriers to Food Safety

Tailor employee training to avoid hazards stemming from language.




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