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Departments: Dutch Food Companies Share Secrets for Innovation and Product Consistency

Quality efforts of a cross-section of food companies in the Netherlands.

Industry Video: Video: LRQA Training for Business Performance Improvement

With the right training, employees can significantly impact an organization’s ability to improve performance and reduce risk. Learn how LRQA links training with certification to verify that learning objectives translate into business performance improvement of your management systems.

Departments: Internal Audits Create Opportunity for Food Organizations to Improve Systems, Processes

The internal audit should be viewed as a critical component of quality management systems for continuous improvement and validation of the food safety systems.

thumbnail image: thumbnail for: Sequencing the Watermelon Genome Reveals Flaw in Breeding

Features: Sequencing the Watermelon Genome Reveals Flaw in Breeding

Today’s juicy, sweet, giant watermelons were bred at a cost: They lost much of their disease resistance. That’s one key insight revealed by an international consortium of more than 60 scientists who recently published the genomic sequence of watermelon (Citrullus lanatus).

thumbnail image: thumbnail for: An Academic Approach to Preventing Further Cantaloupe Contaminations

Features: An Academic Approach to Preventing Further Cantaloupe Contaminations

A Salmonella outbreak linked to cantaloupes from a farm in southwestern Indiana raises concerns about—as well as academic interest in—the vulnerability of the fruit to bacterial contamination.

thumbnail image: thumbnail for: <em>Consumer Reports</em> Receives $2 Million Grant for Food Safety Study

Features: Consumer Reports Receives $2 Million Grant for Food Safety Study

Consumer Reports, the arbiter of safety and quality in consumer products ranging from cars to washing machines to baby cribs, will take a more prominent role in assessing food safety, using a new $2 million grant from the Pew Charitable Trusts.

Features: Training is Key to FSMA Compliance

Proper documentation of education efforts are as vital as the teaching.

Departments: Gluten-Free: How Can You Prove It?

Analysis using the G12 antibody is providing more accurate allergen detection.

Departments: Insure Against Food Contamination

Make sure your company is financially protected.

Departments: Strategies for Maintaining Product Purity During Food Processing

Magnetic separators, metal detectors, and X-ray systems ensure food product purity.




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