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Columns: The Implications of Food Fraud

Since we cannot have complete food safety without effective food defense, food quality cannot be assured without a comprehensive food protection program that addresses both food safety and food defense

Features: At Taylor Farms, New Technologies Make Produce Safer

The most recent winner of the Food Quality Award attributes its high standards for food safety to investments in technology and training

thumbnail image: thumbnail for: The European Food Industry’s Horse Meat Scandal

Features: The European Food Industry’s Horse Meat Scandal

Since Irish food inspectors detected horse meat in beef burgers at the end of last year, similar incidents have occurred in 13 European countries. Retailers have removed beef products from their shelves as concern over the contamination and the origin of the horse meat has escalated.

thumbnail image: thumbnail for: FSMA and the Peanut Butter Industry

Online Exclusives: FSMA and the Peanut Butter Industry

One of the largest recalls in the U.S. involved a supplier’s peanut products that were contaminated and distributed to more than 200 companies. This resulted in the recall of more than 3,900 products containing peanuts, tarnishing the images of many popular brands. The industry lost an estimated $1 billion and eventually forced the supplier to shut down operations...The introduction of FSMA brought greater insight into how peanut butter was being produced to ensure product safety.

Features: Alternative Tubing Eliminates Bacteria in Beverage Delivery Systems

Silver lined tubing and fittings, along with replacements to PVC, can ncrease quality assurance and improve consistency of product at dispensing

thumbnail image: thumbnail for: European Horse Meat Scandal: Could it Cross the Pond?

Features: European Horse Meat Scandal: Could it Cross the Pond?

The European horse meat controversy got bigger on Feb., 27 as Swedish do-it-yourself furniture giant Ikea halted sales of its Kottbullar frozen meatballs in three more countries: Thailand, Hong Kong, and the Dominican Republic. At the same time, the company withdrew its Wiener sausages from stores in Ireland, the U.K., France, Portugal, and Spain; it wouldn’t say whether horse meat had been detected in these products too, and in a statement called the withdrawal an “extra-precautionary...

Departments: Food Quality Award Recognizes Industry Best Practices

The winner of the Food Quality Award sponsored by DuPont Qualicon is chosen based on its exceptional contributions to food safety and customer satisfaction with a positive impact on business results.

Departments: Dutch Food Companies Share Secrets for Innovation and Product Consistency

Quality efforts of a cross-section of food companies in the Netherlands.

Departments: Internal Audits Create Opportunity for Food Organizations to Improve Systems, Processes

The internal audit should be viewed as a critical component of quality management systems for continuous improvement and validation of the food safety systems.

thumbnail image: thumbnail for: Sequencing the Watermelon Genome Reveals Flaw in Breeding

Features: Sequencing the Watermelon Genome Reveals Flaw in Breeding

Today’s juicy, sweet, giant watermelons were bred at a cost: They lost much of their disease resistance. That’s one key insight revealed by an international consortium of more than 60 scientists who recently published the genomic sequence of watermelon (Citrullus lanatus).




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