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Features: Hands for Hygiene

Hand washing: A simple lapse in this important step can unleash the hounds of hygiene hell, which carry rabid bites along with reverberating barks. But whether it's singing happy birthday twice over the sink, using the latest technology or a host of soaps, gets and gloves, the bark and the bite of dirty hands can be tamed.

Departments: Driving Value From RFID

Food manufacturers face growing challenges in maintaining a safe, secure and transparent supply chain. Today's supply chain environment has an increasing number of third party providers, principally in the warehousing and transportation areas, which enable manufacturers and packers to concentrate on their core competencies. While this creates efficiencies and is quite common in the industry, it also introduces many points of vulnerability across the supply chain. With the growing threat to food safety,...

Departments: Certificates of Analysis Confirm Control

With shipments arriving daily at a factory's dock, who has time to argue with the supplier, even if their materials do not meet the manufacturer's specification? The only way to determine if the inbound materials meet the specification for each lot is by either testing the incoming materials or by reacting when a problem shows up at the end of the manufacturing line (or even worse, from a customer complaint). Certificates of analysis (COAs) hold the key to improving quality and productivity and focusing on...

Departments: Effective Supplier Programs

When shopping for big-ticket items such as autos, furniture, household appliances and electronics, any smart consumer will do some research before actually making a purchase. A shopper may spend endless hours seeking just the right items at the best prices because he or she has been “burned” by bad purchases in the past.

Departments: Business Diagnostics

This is the third in a series of articles about the business of industrial diagnostics as used in industries including food, beverage, pharmaceutical, personal care products and water - the majority being microbiology tests, more than 90 percent. The first article, “Big Business in Little Bugs,” [Food Quality April/May 2004, pg. 22] reviewed the size of the 2003 industrial microbiology market. The second, “Industrial Diagnostics Duke-Out,” [Food Quality Aug/Sep 2004, pg. 28],...

Features: 2004 Food Quality Award

Here's the Beef. Beef Products Inc., the winner of the 2004 Food Quality Award, proclaims that food safety and quality is "good business." The small company has a big heart when it comes to applying its knowledge to make food safer.

Features: The Modern Age of Food Quality and Safety

What was the world of food quality and safety like 10 years ago? It's a question that is pondered as easily as what the next decade will bring. After a series of ups and downs, the values of safety and quality have muscled to the forefront, but there is still work to be done.




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