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Features: Uncovering Product Vulnerability

Addressing the risk of economically motivated adulteration in imported foods with vulnerability assessments

Features: Intercepting Food Fraud Before It Hits the Shelves

Techniques to identify the authenticity and purity of products are in demand as more counterfeit foods enter the consumer supply chain

Features: Rise of Product Diversion and Counterfeiting

Serialization and tracking and tracing have potential to reduce counterfeit products in food and beverage as well as the pharmaceutical supply chains

thumbnail image: thumbnail for: New Tool to Assess Vulnerabilities for Food Fraud

News: New Tool to Assess Vulnerabilities for Food Fraud

A few weeks ago, the USP pre-released the “Guidance on Food Fraud Mitigation” document that offers a framework for the food industry and regulators to develop and implement preventive management systems to deal specifically with economically-motivated fraudulent adulteration of food ingredients.

thumbnail image: thumbnail for: SPECIAL FEATURE: Removing Beerstone from Beer

Features: SPECIAL FEATURE: Removing Beerstone from Beer

Beer contains 90 percent water and is the most important ingredient in determining its flavor. Water contains calcium and is an essential mineral to the brewing process. The levels of calcium in local water have determined the type of beer produced. The different types of beer whether a light lager or a porter are for the most part due to the water profiles of the areas that made the styles famous.

Online Exclusives: A Six Pack of Safety and Quality Questions for Beverage Manufacturers

Cracking open six essential questions processors should be asking to ensure continued plant sanitation and efficiency

Online Exclusives: Maintaining Quality for Soy-Based Functional Beverages

Stability, texture among top concerns for soy protein quality

Features: The Art Behind Quality Craft Beer

Quality brewing experts discuss what goes into crafting their increasingly popular products

Features: Wine Quality and Safety 101

Attention to detail ensures a safe, desirable, compliant product

thumbnail image: thumbnail for: New Invention for Producing Sparkling Wine

News: New Invention for Producing Sparkling Wine

An inexpensive and simple process for producing sparkling wine using a magnetic separation method reduces the time and energy traditionally required to make champagne and other sparking white wines using the méthode champenoise, according to the research team that invented the new method in Ljubljana, Slovenia.




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