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Whitepaper: The Value of Automating the Food Safety Management System—And Why Cloud Deployment May Be Right for You

In this whitepaper, we will review how FSMS will give you the tools to keep your food safety efforts on track by helping you control your important documents, training your employees on the processes that are relevant to them, making all changes traceable, and more.

Whitepaper: Creating Harmonized Food Safety Processes Through Integration

In this whitepaper, you’ll learn the benefits of an automated FSMS and how it integrates with GFSI initiatives. We’ll show you the challenges of a Food Safety system without integrated processes, and best practices to integrate an FSMS within the food & beverage industry.

Columns: Out of Africa

Food safety and quality initiatives are growing on this wildly diverse continent

thumbnail image: thumbnail for: SPECIAL FEATURE: 14 Ways to Keep Your Ice Safe

Features: SPECIAL FEATURE: 14 Ways to Keep Your Ice Safe

Ever since JAMA ran an article on the food safety of crushed ice more than 60 years ago, the focus on the safety of commercial, crushed ice has been closely scrutinized. Ice should always be considered food.

Online Exclusives: Australia: Focus on Dairy

Online Exclusives: Australia: Focus on Red Meat

Columns: Food Safety in Australia

Australia’s food protection system sets high standards for accountability

thumbnail image: thumbnail for: Lawsuits Filed Against FDA’s Approval of Controversial Animal Drugs

News: Lawsuits Filed Against FDA’s Approval of Controversial Animal Drugs

Two different lawsuits have been filed by groups that include the Center for Food Safety and the Humane Society of the United States against the U.S. FDA for approving several controversial drugs used in food production without fully examining how they affect people, animals, and the environment. The products targeted in the lawsuits are based on ractopamine, which is fed to farm animals to cause rapid weight gain.

Features: Cybersecurity in Food and Beverage Industry

Managing and maintaining a security program allows companies to adapt as new threats surface and new technology emerges




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