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Departments: Security: Hit or Miss?

A couple of years ago, at an unnamed food processing facility in a Midwestern city, I entered through a propped open exterior door and, without benefit of any escort or identification, I strolled through the facility's raw material storage areas, mixing room, control room, executive offices and finished product storage without being stopped or questioned by even one employee. I then left by the same route. Although this was done with the client's approval, I could have been an irate ex-employee or a person...

Departments: Can Sanitation be Considered Technical? (Part 2)

In the last issue, we covered some of the items that address the technical aspects of food plant sanitation. In this issue, we will cover some remaining items that a professional sanitation manager needs to know. Each processor is different, and the uniqueness of that operation is inherent within that individual process. It's like a human being. No one is the same. The same holds true for a food plant. That said, you can understand why there are so many things that need to be documented and tracked to be...

Departments: The Rungs on the Food Safety/Sanitation Ladder

Climbing the ladder to become above the best in food safety/sanitation requires tackling each rung of the ladder, one at time. There is no elevator to the top. To be successful, each rung must be conquered.




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