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thumbnail image: thumbnail for: Preventing Norovirus Using Proper Handwashing Techniques in Food Service

Features: Preventing Norovirus Using Proper Handwashing Techniques in Food Service

CDC analyzed cases of norovirus between 2009 and 2012 and found the vast majority–64 percent–of norovirus infections stem from restaurant contamination. Out of the 1,008 cases analyzed, 364 specifically cited food worker contamination as the cause, and 54 percent of those cases involved bare hand contact to ready-to-eat food.

Features: Environmental Sanitation Programs

How to best ensure control of environmental parameters via a thorough preventative maintenance sanitation program

Features: Hygienic Design for Processing Equipment

The best cleaning system and most effective sanitizers cannot work properly if the design of the equipment does not follow basic hygienic principles

Features: When is it Time to Clean for Facility Decontamination?

A study was conducted to gain a better understanding as to how clean a facility needs to be for a gaseous chlorine dioxide fumigation to be successful

thumbnail image: thumbnail for: The Norovirus Versus Cruise Ships

News: The Norovirus Versus Cruise Ships

The outbreak of norovirus that sickened nearly 700 people—630 passengers and 54 crew members—on Royal Caribbean’s Explorer of the Seas cruise ship in January was caused by a newer strain of the virus known as the Sydney strain, the CDC reported. The strain first emerged in 2012 in Sydney, Australia.

Features: Components for an Effective Pathogen Environmental Monitoring Program

Determining which organisms to target, the risk evaluation, factors in a sampling plan, and the corrective actions

Features: Next Generation Pest Management

Greener services, scientific progress, and technical developments are contributing to the concept of ‘Next Generation’ Pest Management

Features: Avoid Stagnancy: Only Settle for Dynamic Pest Programs

Improving a program based on pest activity and trends can make all the difference between a successful pest management plan and an inefficient one

thumbnail image: thumbnail for: Bird Flu Strains Could Re-Emerge in Upcoming Flu Season

News: Bird Flu Strains Could Re-Emerge in Upcoming Flu Season

Avian influenza viruses continue to pose threats to human and animal health, and vigilance is necessary to prevent their spread through the food chain, officials at the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations say in a warning issued last month in advance of the upcoming flu season.

Features: Keep It Clean

Sanitation will play a big part in FSMA implementation, requiring proper disinfecting practices to reduce microbial contamination on equipment and other surfaces




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