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Departments: Honoring Outstanding Commitment to Food Protection

The 13th annual Food Quality & Safety Award to be presented at 2014 Food Safety Summit Conference & Expo

Features: Brand Protection in a Social Media Age

Working together in building a proactive social media plan as part of an overall food defense strategy

Features: Social Media Stirs the Pot

The fast-paced world of online communication offers impressions, impacts, tools, and lessons

Departments: From the Editor

Social Media: Whether you’re addicted to it, don’t understand the point of it, or are just plain sick of it, there’s no denying it has become a powerful tool

Departments: From the Editor

Departments: Industry News: Global Food Traceability Center, Food Protection Program Portal, and More

Industry announcements for December/January 2014

Features: Fonterra and the C. Botulinum Scare

The New Zealand-based company is striving to restore its reputation for food safety since the recent whey protein recall

thumbnail image: thumbnail for: Breast Milk Obtained Through Internet Sites Frequently Contaminated

News: Breast Milk Obtained Through Internet Sites Frequently Contaminated

Samples of human breast milk purchased through Internet milk-sharing sites were frequently contaminated with pathogenic bacteria and exhibited high overall bacterial growth, a recent study found. Consumption of milk obtained from these largely unregulated websites can introduce risks for infants, especially those born preterm or with immunecompromised status, the lead researcher says.

thumbnail image: thumbnail for: Food Safety Issues Highlighted During Government Shutdown

News: Food Safety Issues Highlighted During Government Shutdown

President Obama signed a bill on October 17 to reopen the federal government and end the 16-day shutdown. Throughout the partial federal government shutdown, food safety issues occupied prominent spots in the pages of the nation’s newspapers.




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