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Features: Reducing Seafood Shrinkage

Retailers using enhanced electronic traceability to manage their seafood supply chains can achieve less waste, better sustainability, and more satisfied customers

Features: Making LIMS a Hub for Compliance and Much More

Lab information management systems harness data from myriad sources to not only prove product is safe for compliance, but to make production more efficient by pinpointing weak spots

Features: The Do’s and Don’ts of a Food Recall

Applying a standards-based approach allows food companies to trace products with precision and remove them from the supply chain when a withdrawal is necessary

Features: Traceability: Costs, Benefits, and the Future

Understanding the challenges, new rules, recommendations, and investments on route to traceability

thumbnail image: thumbnail for: ‘Identify, Capture, and Share’: Essence of New Dairy/Deli/Bakery Traceability Guideline

News: ‘Identify, Capture, and Share’: Essence of New Dairy/Deli/Bakery Traceability Guideline

The guide was developed jointly by GS1 US, the International Dairy-Deli-Bakery Association, and the International Dairy Foods Association. It applies to all types of dairy, deli and bakery products, and includes detailed instructions on product identification, use of batch/lots numbers, barcodes, and other traceability standards. A step-by-step recall guide is also included.

thumbnail image: thumbnail for: New Global Food Traceability Center to Unite Stakeholders

News: New Global Food Traceability Center to Unite Stakeholders

The Institute of Food Technologists officially launched its new Global Food Traceability Center with a press conference on September 11 that featured representatives from four of the main stakeholder groups that will be involved in the center: Government, industry, consumers, and the international sphere. “Our vision is to become the global resource and authoritative voice on food tracing,” says William Fisher, IFT vice president of science and policy initiatives.

Online Exclusives: Is Europe Outpacing the U.S. in Traceability?

For more than a decade, European authorities and producers have been held to higher standards for food quality than any other region worldwide, and the results have matched the regulation: Europe has one of the lowest levels of food contamination in the world.

Features: The Produce Industry’s ‘Barcode’ of Approval

The Produce Traceability Initiative is spearheading efforts toward whole chain traceability by incorporating technology and common standards

Columns: IFT’s Traceability Pilot Projects: Should All Food Be Treated Equally?

Most major food industry organizations are supporting recommendations for food traceability made in 'Pilot Projects for Improving Tracing Along the Food Supply System—Final Report' that covers two food tracing projects sponsored by the FDA  




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