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Event: Dairy Series: Pasteurization Course

A one day course with hands on training in the afternoon for basics of milk pasteurization, HTST systems, federal and regulatory requirements, dairy plant demonstration, sanitation and operational procedures.

Event: Internal Auditor Workshop

A comprehensive one day workshop essential to a company's food safety and product quality. It provides confirmation that systems and procedures are operating effectively and identifies areas for improvement.

Event: Seafood HACCP Segment 2 Training Course

This workshop is for consultants or company employees who develop, reassess and modify the HACCP plan and manage verification process. Must have successfully completed Segment 1 internet training course.

Event: Practical Food Safety & HACCP

Three day course designed for individuals responsible for implementing and managing an HACCP system in a food manufacturing facility. Participants will receive a certificate of completion.

Event: Enforcing Food Safety & Quality Compliance at Every Point Along Your Food Supply Chain

Learn how to proactively enforce regulatory non-regulatory and customer-driven compliance requirements along the entire supply chain—inbound, during production, and outbound.

Event: SafetyChain for Food - Online Webinar

Learn how you can enforce—in realtime—safety and quality compliance at every point along your food supply chain—inbound, production, and outbound.

Event: Food Safety and Sanitation for Food Manufacturers

This course is a comprehensive 2 1/2 day program on the essentials of sanitation in food processing plants.

Event: FCSI-The Americas Annual Spring Meeting

FCSI-The Americas annual spring meeting features educational seminars on professional development and industry issues, interactive events and networking opportunities.

Event: China International Food Safety & Quality Conference + Expo

The robust global food trade needs an equally robust system to ensure food products are safe for consumers worldwide. The China International Food Safety & Quality (CIFSQ) Conference + Expo is an opportunity for government and industry stakeholders to come together and jointly address the issues, explore effective and cost efficient solutions, including learning about advances in science and technology.

Event: Food Technology and Innovation Forum 2012 - Chicago, IL

Examining all the latest product development, innovation strategy, and consumer insights issues that are driving the food and beverage industries




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