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Event: HACCP Workshop

HAACP is an internationally recognized food safety system. This course will provide training to develop and implement a HACCP system. The course will focus on dairy and juice. Participants will receive help designing a plan for their company.

Event: Quality Control Workshop (GMP)

This workshop will provide the necessary training to insure solid, basic understanding of current good manufacturing practices as a prerequisite for a successful HACCP program. The workshop will cover topics such as sanitation operating procedures, product identification & traceability, preventive maintenance and education & training of employees.

Event: Internal Auditor Training

Includes the basic fundamentals of auditing including ISO, Food Safety, Prerequisite Programs, HACCP, and other specific programs that focus on the interests and needs of our attendees.

Event: Implementing & Auditing ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 and The Basis for Sustainability ― It’s All Connected

Learn proven methods for implementing these standards. Auditing approaches and strategies for certification will be covered. Valid business approaches to “sustainability” or “Going Green” in today’s climate. Guidance and responsibility; what are the implications for employees and management?

Event: Interpreting the BRC Standard for Food Safety

In depth understanding of the BRC (British Retail Consortium) Standard, one of the standards recognized as meeting the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) requirements. Explains how to conduct BRC audits, classify non-conformances, and BRC certification.

Event: Implementing SQF 2000 Systems

Learn the basics of SQF and requirements of the SQF 2000 Code while developing a safe food quality plan. This class includes the process for auditing and certifying SQF Programs.

Event: Corrective Action and Root Cause Analysis

Basic tools for performing root cause analysis. These tools will assist in determining criteria for corrective actions; the difference between correction, corrective action, preventive action, and continual improvement.

Event: Process Auditing

Introduces the fundamental steps of process auditing while defining your processes, determining the scope of the audit, follow-up, and essential requirements.

Event: An Overview: GFSI Food Safety Approved Standards

Understanding implementation and maintenance of the food safety management standards, including how these apply to your specific industry. Agenda focuses on the needs and interests of the attendees, providing a sound understanding for a strong foundation in food safety and prerequisite programs.

Event: IMPI's Fall Short Course

"Developing Microwavable Products: Ingredients, Packaging, Preparation & Food Safety” Keynote Speakers: Sharon Franke, Good Housekeeping Research Institute, Joy Weis Daniel, Sharp Electronics (retired) & Steve Vlock,ConAgra Foods




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