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Columns: Cracking the Case of a Multi-State Salmonella Outbreak

A look at the serious consequences that occurred when a peanut butter company put their profits ahead of safety

Columns: When Food Brands Merge, Consumer Safety Must Come First

Mergers and acquisitions can cause a difficult transition period for plant managers as they struggle to integrate two distinct food safety programs

Columns: Do Meat and Poultry Handling Labels Really Convey Safety?

In the wake of the Jack in the Box E.coli outbreak 20 years ago, the USDA mandated food safe handling labels on packages of raw meat and poultry to educate the general public—however, the information on these labels may have been incomplete from the start

Columns: GM Foods: Can We Afford for States to Set Their Own Regulations?

Besides unintended consumer consequences, food quality and safety managers would have to manage conflicting GMO labeling standards for identical products across multiple states

Columns: Will FSVP Shed Light on Food Safety or Keep it in the Dark?

Deciding which of the two competing options under proposed FSVP rules will be more beneficial for food processors, foreign stakeholders, and consumers

Columns: The Implications of Food Fraud

Since we cannot have complete food safety without effective food defense, food quality cannot be assured without a comprehensive food protection program that addresses both food safety and food defense




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