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Columns: Whole Genome Sequencing

This emerging technology has potential to revolutionize food tracking, but some worry that using it as a monitoring and enforcement tool will expose companies to unnecessary risk

Columns: When Food Brands Merge, Consumer Safety Must Come First

Mergers and acquisitions can cause a difficult transition period for plant managers as they struggle to integrate two distinct food safety programs

Columns: Food Safety in Australia

Australia’s food protection system sets high standards for accountability

Columns: Moving Toward Laboratory Standards

As the move towards laboratory standards slowly progresses, food labs should not wait on a federal mandate to raise the bar on quality testing

Columns: The Fight Over Food Label Changes

Industry submits an avalanche of objections to FDA’s proposed revisions to the Nutrition Facts label

Columns: The FSMA Countdown: Enacting Act through FITs and FOTs

Time is running out as FDA sets up teams to plan how to implement final food safety rules starting next year

Columns: Pesty Food Management

Start the FSMA compliance process by first dealing with bothersome pest problems—incorporate a rigorous management plan into overall operating procedures

Columns: Do Meat and Poultry Handling Labels Really Convey Safety?

In the wake of the Jack in the Box E.coli outbreak 20 years ago, the USDA mandated food safe handling labels on packages of raw meat and poultry to educate the general public—however, the information on these labels may have been incomplete from the start




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