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thumbnail image: thumbnail for: SPECIAL FEATURE: Changing Methods for the Measurement of Dietary Fiber

Features: SPECIAL FEATURE: Changing Methods for the Measurement of Dietary Fiber

In its simplest terms, dietary fiber content in a sample is measured in the laboratory by what is called an enzymatic-gravimetric method. After defatting, a food sample is treated with enzymes that mimic the digestive process in the human small intestine. Digestible carbohydrates are broken down into simple sugars and removed from the sample by precipitation using ethanol followed by filtration.

thumbnail image: thumbnail for: EVENT PREVIEW: Focusing on Food Safety at PACK EXPO

Features: EVENT PREVIEW: Focusing on Food Safety at PACK EXPO

While food safety programs and zoning principles are key tools in maintaining a contamination-free facility, it is equally important to take a close look at where most of the direct food contact in a manufacturing facility takes place—the processing and packaging equipment itself.

thumbnail image: thumbnail for: Case Study: Improving Food Inspection Process in Florida

Features: Case Study: Improving Food Inspection Process in Florida

The Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation’s mobile field inspection operation began facing challenges several years ago as its field equipment reached end of service life. The handheld devices inspectors operated to conduct food safety inspections were being discontinued, and the inkjet printers they used for printing out onsite inspection results were not compatible with newer electronic devices.

Features: The Art Behind Quality Craft Beer

Quality brewing experts discuss what goes into crafting their increasingly popular products

Features: Wine Quality and Safety 101

Attention to detail ensures a safe, desirable, compliant product

Features: Efficiency and Sustainability in Organic Processing

With the continued growth of the organic market, chemical companies and beverage processors are providing solutions that meet the strict regulations of aseptic packaging

Features: Coaching Employee Behaviors

Coaching and routine employee observations are vital for keeping product, workers, and consumers safe

Features: The Many Faces of Food Contamination

Exploring the need for risk-based testing strategies in non-regulated contaminants

Features: Controlling Particulate Contamination with Fabric Curtain Walls

Fabric curtain walls provide a floor to ceiling blockade against foreign objects, yet allow fast and unimpeded access for conveyors and personnel

Features: Foreign Material Controls in the Red Meat Industry

Meat facilities achieve a higher level of product quality by following proper detection, segregation, and final product disposition procedures




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