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Features: China Releases 5-Year Food Safety Plan

In the wake of a series of scandals—most recently, mercury discovered in baby formula—China has released a new five-year plan to upgrade its food safety system.

Features: Cantaloupe Growers Say Yes to Regulations

In a definite first for the produce industry, a probable first in the food safety industry, and a possible first for just about any industry, California cantaloupe growers have voted unanimously to support a mandatory food safety program to be implemented by the state commodity board.

Features: As “Big Six” Testing Mandate Begins, Non-0157 E. Coli Outbreak Hits

FSIS expected to begin monitoring compliance in September

thumbnail image: thumbnail for: Rapid Cooling of Eggs Can Double Shelf Life, New Study Shows

Features: Rapid Cooling of Eggs Can Double Shelf Life, New Study Shows

Researcher’s method creates ‘cold snow’ around eggs

Features: Taking Cold Pizza to the Next Level

Cryogenic freezing tunnel helps Midwestern company exceed quality expectations, improve production, and reduce costs

Features: Automated Washing Vital in Pizza Processing

Equipment ensures that Papa John's totes, buggies, and containers are consistently cleaned and sanitized while improving throughput speed and reducing labor costs

Features: Hans Kissle Takes Winning Approach to Food Safety

Maker of deli salads and meats earns 11th Annual Food Quality Award with teamwork, training, technology

Features: Pioneering Consumer Advocate Gave Rise to FDA

Harvey Wiley was the father of the Pure Food and Drugs Act of 1906

thumbnail image: thumbnail for: Complex Global Connections Complicate Food Investigations

Features: Complex Global Connections Complicate Food Investigations

In a first-of-its-kind study, a team of researchers that includes a physicist, a mathematician, and an economist have used food import and export databases to create a map of the worldwide food transport network.

Features: Shortage of Food Safety Vets Predicted

More than half of all veterinary students are pursuing careers in companion animal medicine, leaving other veterinary sectors—including food safety and zoonotic disease prevention—facing potential shortages of qualified veterinarians, according to a new report from the National Research Council of the National Academies of Science.




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