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thumbnail image: thumbnail for: Food & Beverage Manufactures Still Unsure Regarding FSMA Guidelines

Features: Food & Beverage Manufactures Still Unsure Regarding FSMA Guidelines

The Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) was signed into law two years ago, however most food and beverage regulations were just released this past January. A new study by iRely has found that while the guidelines have been pending for some time, many process manufacturers are still either uncertain or unaware of how the new regulations will affect their production processes.

thumbnail image: thumbnail for: Mutation That Increases Listeria Survival Identified

Features: Mutation That Increases Listeria Survival Identified

A single-point mutation newly identified in the genome of Listeria monocytogenes increases the pathogen’s ability to withstand temperature-related and osmotic stress, researchers in Ireland reported. The same group also described a previously unidentified twisting of L. monocytogenes cells into a corkscrew shape in response to increased stresses.

thumbnail image: thumbnail for: Pest Threats: Keeping the Enemy Out

Features: Pest Threats: Keeping the Enemy Out

If facility managers are going to be successful in their battle against pests, not only do they need to be aware of proper prevention and detection techniques, but most importantly, they must know their enemy. Here are the most common pests found in and around food processing plants.

Features: The Business of Recalls: From Booming to Bankrupt

Strategies on how to stay afloat amidst the growing frequency of food recalls

Features: Hygiene Monitoring Strategies that Hit the Mark

Soil detection, indicator microbial detection, and pathogen detection systems designed for hygiene monitoring programs in concert with plant sanitation

Features: Preparing for a Third-Party Food Safety Audit

The five factors to consider for pest management documentation in order to be audit-ready at any time

Features: ‘Boat-to-Plate’ Traceability

With a global quality hub, the seafood industry can verify product quality on the boat, at the fishery, with the at-sea and land processors, and at the distributor

Features: Re-Evaluating Additives on the GRAS List

Are there food additives once considered safe that should now be banned?

Features: Alternative Tubing Eliminates Bacteria in Beverage Delivery Systems

Silver lined tubing and fittings, along with replacements to PVC, can ncrease quality assurance and improve consistency of product at dispensing

Features: Which Measuring Device is Better Suited for ‘Soft Solids?’

Exploring the roles of viscometers versus texture analyzers in measuring ‘soft solid’ materials




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