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Features: Food Security

Guarding the production and distribution chains from serious public health and economic consequences

Columns: Moving Toward Laboratory Standards

As the move towards laboratory standards slowly progresses, food labs should not wait on a federal mandate to raise the bar on quality testing

Columns: The Fight Over Food Label Changes

Industry submits an avalanche of objections to FDA’s proposed revisions to the Nutrition Facts label

Departments: From The Editor

Are detection methods getting "smarter?"

Features: Selecting a Rapid Microbiological Test Method

There are various factors influencing a rapid method’s effectiveness that need to be taken into consideration

Features: Color Assessment for Beverages

Beverages can be opaque, translucent, or transparent, all of which requiring different instrumentation and techniques for successful color measurement

Features: Measuring Color

Knowing how to accurately evaluate color can help meet quality standards and consumer expectations

Online Exclusives: USDA Food Safety Postcards – A Father’s Different Take on ‘Wish You Were Here’

A personal perspective on the efforts to educate consumers in handling raw meat and poultry products during the early 1990s E. coli outbreak

Features: Salmonella Control in Poultry

A PCR-based approach can offer a rapid option for assessing Salmonella contamination in poultry rinsates

Online Exclusives: Combating Food Fraud: The Case for Product Lifecycle Management

Companies need to implement a streamlined process in order to gain and sustain certification




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