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Departments: Spot-On Sanitation Methods

Providers are meeting the needs of the food industry with innovative equipment, supplies, and services

Departments: New Products

New product/service announcements for October/November 2013

Columns: Percy Spencer’s Microwave Revolutionizes Fast Cooking

Spencer’s idea to apply microwave technology to cooking was more of a fortuitous coincidence

Online Exclusives: Letters to the Editor

Comments, disputes, support, etc.

Online Exclusives: Is Europe Outpacing the U.S. in Traceability?

For more than a decade, European authorities and producers have been held to higher standards for food quality than any other region worldwide, and the results have matched the regulation: Europe has one of the lowest levels of food contamination in the world.

Departments: From the Editor

At press time, the FDA finally released two new proposed rules under FSMA

Departments: News & Notes

Industry announcements for August/September 2013

Columns: Food Defense and Protection

Specialists in government, industry, and academia are exploring ways to protect the nation’s food supply against intentional contamination and adulteration from sabotage, terrorism, economic fraud, and other illegal action

Columns: Preparing for FSMA Compliance: Are You Ready?

Best practices that will help your organization with compliance

Features: Global Food Partnerships

FSMA’s impact on international policies and trade




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