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Event: HACCP Training (Emeryville, Calif.)

This two-day HACCP training course focuses on developing a risk assessment plan, using the preventative HACCP approach for controlling potential hazards. Participants will take part in interactive activities and gain practical knowledge on GMPs (prerequisites); establishing control measures; setting limits and monitoring procedures; writing and updating a HACCP plan; documenting and verifying results, and how to prepare for audits. We review new industry and FSMA regulatory requirements. This course is a...

Event: SQF Advanced Practitioner Course (Emeryville, Calif.)

The SQF Advanced Practitioner course provides tools, tips and further education to improve and maintain the company’s SQF System. The activity-based course addresses the following three areas: 1. Using the internal audit program to manage, maintain and enhance the SQF system 2. Utilizing the corrective action/preventive action process as a tool to identify trends and build continuous improvement 3. Improving the demonstration of management’s commitment and developing and prioritizing key...

Event: Practical Food Microbiology (New Brunswick, N.J.)

In this two-day course, you will learn how to avoid microbial contamination and produce safe food products. We will teach you the most critical points for food safety applications.

Event: Better Process Control School (New Brunswick, N.J.)

By attending our Better Process Control School, you will learn how you can reduce your susceptibility and minimize your liability.

Event: HACCP Plan Development for Food Processors (New Brunswick, N.J.)

Discover the basic concepts of the Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points (HACCP) system and learn what it takes to develop a thorough plan to better support you and your company.

Event: Making Sense of the Numbers: Statistics for Food Scientists (New Brunswick, N.J.)

This one-day intensive refresher course is led by one of the food industry's most experienced statistical specialists who knows the delicate art and science of mixing food and numbers.

Event: Sensory Evaluation at Rutgers (New Brunswick, N.J.)

In this program, you will examine the pros and cons of different sensory tests, set up testing procedures, and evaluate real products.

Event: Introduction to Food Science at Rutgers (New Brunswick, N.J.)

Working with some of the highly regarded instructors in industry and universities, you will move through the key points of food chemistry, lipids, proteins, carbohydrates, color, sensory, nutrition, and finally microbiology.

Event: The Food & Beverage Marketing & Advertising Law Summit (Chicago, Ill.)

Expert strategies for preventing food court litigation and regulatory enforcement targeting marketing and advertising claims while appealing to highly conscious consumers in a competitive environment.

Event: Internal and External GFSI Audits Workshop (Orlando, Fl.)

Provide and improve the knowledge, skills, and abilities required by GFSI auditors, Food Industry professionals, and internal auditors on all GFSI Standards.




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