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Webcast: Food Safety Legislation and Regulation - Ready or Not?

The food & beverage industry is undergoing unprecedented change and increased scrutiny in light of recent high-profile quality and consumer food safety issues. Now the federal government is ready to pass legislation that will increase regulation and introduce penalties for non-compliance. Will your company be prepared if the FDA comes knocking? What lessons can food companies take from their counterparts in industries such as life sciences that have been more highly regulated for years?

Webcast: The Science of Food Profiling

With reports of 5 to 10% of global food trade involving counterfeit goods, regulatory agencies and food manufacturers are compelled to employ programs that help ensure consumer safety, protect trade markets, maintain product quality and preserve brand image. This webinar will demonstrate how the latest analytical instrumentation and data analysis software can assist food testing laboratories in the determination of food adulteration, authenticity and origin.

Webcast: Food Safety Certification: Get the Abridged Version

How do I get started with Food Safety Certification? What's the process? What are the GFSI benchmarked standards and which is best for my organization? Do these questions sound familiar? Do you have even more? Attend this information-packed webinar to get the answers to your questions and valuable details you need about Food Safety Certification.




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