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Departments: Timely Performance Measurement and Analytics in a Demand-Driven World

As discussed in parts one and two of this series, perfect order fulfillment for the food and beverage manufacturer in a customer-driven marketplace requires excellence in both planning and execution. This includes being responsive to customers, while forecasting and managing continuous and unexpected change in both actual demand and supply processing, through all levels of the food and beverage supply chain.

Departments: Effective Execution in a Demand-Driven World

It’s not sufficient today to insure your company’s part of perfect order performance. The notion of a demand-driven supply chain is based on changing a manufacturer’s view of its own business processes, as well as tightening their relationships with fulfillment partners, in an effort to provide more flexible and responsive product deliveries, and a new level of customer service. This involves aligning business processes to manage demand and supply activities, both within and beyond the...




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February/March 2015

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