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Online Exclusives: Food Product Recall Insurance: Lackluster Name, Important Service

It's a good idea to get insurance because it’s not a question of if your company will have a food safety violation that may result in product recall, but when.

Features: The Business of Recalls: From Booming to Bankrupt

Strategies on how to stay afloat amidst the growing frequency of food recalls

Columns: Insure Against the Inevitable

If you think a recall is unlikely, or that you’ll be covered in the event it happens, think again. From a food safety standpoint, we are living in a dynamic and fast-changing world. Because microorganisms exist naturally in our environment, they will continue to find their way into many of our foods. Given recent improvements in national foodborne illness outbreak surveillance, more illnesses are identified and more outbreaks are reported.

News: Food Safety Legislation Spurs Insurance Changes

Despite being stalled in the Senate, the Food Safety Modernization Act of 2010, which would give the FDA greater authority in ordering recalls of contaminated food, is propelling insurance companies to offer coverage for such recalls, an industry insider said.

Features: Protect Against Food Contamination Losses

Salmonella. Escherichia coli. Listeria. These words strike fear in the hearts of in-house counsel and executives in the food industry. Outbreaks of foodborne illnesses—and other incidents involving tainted food—have received a great deal of attention in recent years. In 2007, they reached a new peak: an outbreak of botulism infections caused by canned chili, a recall of more than 21 million pounds of ground beef and hamburger patties due to fears of E. coli contamination, a peanut butter recall...




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