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Online Exclusives: Combating Food Fraud: The Case for Product Lifecycle Management

Companies need to implement a streamlined process in order to gain and sustain certification

Departments: From The Editor

The industry needs to think like a criminal to catch food fraud

Columns: The Implications of Food Fraud

Since we cannot have complete food safety without effective food defense, food quality cannot be assured without a comprehensive food protection program that addresses both food safety and food defense

Features: Fish and Chips

An increasing number of recalls and cases involving adulteration of products such as infant formula, peanuts, and salami have eroded consumer confidence and put product fraud in the media spotlight. According to a study by the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) and the GMA Science and Education Foundation, food product fraud may cost the food industry $10 to $15 billion per year. The melamine contamination of milk products, which cost the industry $10 billion and affected almost 300,000 consumers...

Columns: Fighting Food Fraud

Prostitution has been dubbed the world’s oldest profession, but being an adulterator of food is a close second. Historical accounts make it clear that people have been altering foods for financial gain since the emergence of trade and bartering.




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