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Departments: Consolidating Food Safety

From The Editor

Columns: Food Safety Outlook for 2015

The U.S. food system’s New Year resolutions include working within government budgets, meeting inspection goals, and forming better ties with China

Columns: The Fight Over Food Label Changes

Industry submits an avalanche of objections to FDA’s proposed revisions to the Nutrition Facts label

Columns: The FSMA Countdown: Enacting Act through FITs and FOTs

Time is running out as FDA sets up teams to plan how to implement final food safety rules starting next year

Features: Wine Quality and Safety 101

Attention to detail ensures a safe, desirable, compliant product

Departments: Letters To The Editor

FDA Inspections in 2014, Brand Protection in a Social Media Age, and Fingerprinting Food

Columns: Will FDA's New Budget Cover Food Safety Costs?

Examining how FDA's budget request for Fiscal 2015 will affect FSMA implementation, FDA inspections, industry user fees, and more

Columns: FDA Inspections in 2014: Big Ambitions Hampered by Limited Resources

Identifying how ‘data quality challenges,’ high-risk facilities, and budgets factor into the future of FDA’s inspection capability




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February/March 2015

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