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thumbnail image: thumbnail for: Secret of Deadly <em>E. Coli</em> Strain Revealed

Features: Secret of Deadly E. Coli Strain Revealed

Scientists at Michigan State University in East Lansing have uncovered a key factor in the virulence of the genome of E. coli 0104:H4, the rare strain behind the outbreak in Germany last summer that killed 54 people and sickened nearly 4,000.

Features: Germany Struggles to Strengthen Food Safety after Deadly E. coli Crisis

Although industry figures indicate that the latest crisis, which involved a rare and deadly strain of E. coli, has resulted in sales losses comparable to the Chernobyl nuclear accident in 1986, only a handful of exhibitors and farmers at Berlin's International Green Week are willing to talk about the disaster openly. Nearly a year after the devastating outbreak, which killed more than 40 and sickened more than 4,000 people in Germany and other parts of Europe, it is business as usual.




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