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Street Food, Safe Food?

With more food trucks popping up all around the nation, the question of whether or not their food is safe to eat has become more important. A study researched over 260,000 food and safety inspection reports in seven cities and found that in all cities, food trucks and carts did just as well as, or better than, restaurants.

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SPECIAL FEATURE: 14 Ways to Keep Your Ice Safe

Ever since JAMA ran an article on the food safety of crushed ice more than 60 years ago, the focus on the safety of commercial, crushed ice has been closely scrutinized. Ice should always be considered food.

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Industry Experts Respond to the Revised FSMA Rules

Revised provisions to four proposed rules in the FDA’s FSMA surprised few industry experts, but they say the changes clarify the original rules, first proposed in 2013, and could give them more teeth. The four revised rules cover preventative controls of human food, produce safety, preventive controls for animal food, and foreign supplier verification programs.

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Detecting and Measuring Microbial (Unicellular Yeast) Growth on Food Products using Loss‐On‐Drying Moisture Analysis

The outcome of this investigation will offer new insights on a novel loss‐on‐drying approach to bioactivity measurement in food industries who wish to expand their breadth of microbial testing.

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SQF Conference (Safe Quality Foods)

Increase your knowledge, gain resources and get new ideas to enhance your food safety program or help you get started with one.


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Implementing SQF Systems in Food Manufacturing Operations (Concord, N.C.)

Taught by experienced SQF trainers, this two-day Ecolab course leads participants through the material, using practical exercises that reinforce learning.




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