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Law Prohibiting Bare Hand Contact with Food Repealed in California

A California law that would have prohibited employees at retail food facilities and bars from coming into direct contact with exposed, ready-to-eat food was repealed by the California Legislature only days before local health agencies were expected to start enforcing the new rule on July 1.

thumbnail image: Law Prohibiting Bare Hand Contact with Food Repealed in California

Did Spores in Greek Yogurt Sicken Consumers or Not?

Ten months ago, the Greek yogurt company Chobani voluntarily pulled 35 flavors of its popular yogurt off supermarket shelves after the FDA received multiple consumer reports of gastrointestinal symptoms after eating mold-tainted yogurt. The number of reports reached more than 200.

thumbnail image: Did Spores in Greek Yogurt Sicken Consumers or Not?



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Video: LRQA Training for Business Performance Improvement

With the right training, employees can significantly impact an organization’s ability to improve performance and reduce risk. Learn how LRQA links training with certification to verify that learning objectives translate into business performance improvement of your management systems.

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Top 10 considerations for building a robust food safety management system

In this article, LRQA’s food safety expert, Vel Pillay, discusses the importance of looking beyond operational requirements to ensure food safety management systems are effective. You will learn the importance of having both a functioning management system and a robust HACCP program and gain insight from his step by step, simple and logical approach to building a robust food safety management system.

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A Complete Manufacturing Approach to Effective Water Activity Monitoring

This seminar will provide information about strategies to control product consistency, quality and safety using water activity testing at key locations in a manufacturing facility. Strategies using water activity to facilitate product development and formulation in the R&D lab will be discussed. Applications for water activity in ensuring the quality and consistency of incoming ingredients at ingredient inspection also will be discussed. Information will be provided on ways for QA/QC departments to...


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Introduction to Food Science at Rutgers (New Brunswick, N.J.)

Working with some of the highly regarded instructors in industry and universities, you will move through the key points of food chemistry, lipids, proteins, carbohydrates, color, sensory, nutrition, and finally microbiology.




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