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New Radio-Wave Technique Kills Salmonella in Raw Eggs

The pasteurization process, now in prototype stage, positions each raw egg between two electrodes that send radio waves back and forth through it. At the same time, the egg is sprayed with water, to compensate for some of the heat created by the radio waves. This process warms the egg from the inside out, protecting the delicate egg white, which is more sensitive to heat.

thumbnail image: New Radio-Wave Technique Kills <I>Salmonella</I> in Raw Eggs

COOL Case Goes Under Review—Again

The U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit recently announced that it will review en banc the case that declares USDA’s Country-of-Origin Labeling (COOL) rule unconstitutional. This follows the March 28, 2014 ruling that had the court upholding COOL, saying the rule can indeed be enforced. New oral arguments will now take place on May 19, 2014.

thumbnail image: COOL Case Goes Under Review—Again

Backyard Farms Receives Food Quality & Safety Award

Tomato growers Backyard Farms of Madison, Maine, was awarded the 13th annual Food Quality and Safety Award at a special ceremony on April 9 during the Food Safety Summit in Baltimore, Md. Sponsored by DuPont Nutrition & Health and presented by Food Quality & Safety magazine, the honor recognizes a North American quality assurance department or program each year that has made significant improvements in food safety and quality.

thumbnail image: Backyard Farms Receives Food Quality & Safety Award



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Video: LRQA Training for Business Performance Improvement

With the right training, employees can significantly impact an organization’s ability to improve performance and reduce risk. Learn how LRQA links training with certification to verify that learning objectives translate into business performance improvement of your management systems.

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Detecting and Measuring Microbial (Unicellular Yeast) Growth on Food Products using Loss‐On‐Drying Moisture Analysis

The outcome of this investigation will offer new insights on a novel loss‐on‐drying approach to bioactivity measurement in food industries who wish to expand their breadth of microbial testing.

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A Complete Manufacturing Approach to Effective Water Activity Monitoring

This seminar will provide information about strategies to control product consistency, quality and safety using water activity testing at key locations in a manufacturing facility. Strategies using water activity to facilitate product development and formulation in the R&D lab will be discussed. Applications for water activity in ensuring the quality and consistency of incoming ingredients at ingredient inspection also will be discussed. Information will be provided on ways for QA/QC departments to...


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Fundamentals of Food Science Short Course (University Park, Penn.)

The course is designed for technical personnel who have little or no experience in the food industry.




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