Feb 07, 2012

1,000 Inspectors Slated to Lose Jobs

A proposal by the USDA to phase out about 1,000 government inspection positions at poultry slaughter plants across the U.S. is a sensible move, said poultry experts interviewed by Food Quality.

Jan 28, 2012

Will Closing 259 USDA Offices Affect Food Safety?

With $3 billion slashed from its operating budget since 2010, the USDA has announced it will close 259 offices beginning this year—including FSIS sites in Lawrence, Kan., Minneapolis, Minn., and Madison, Wis., along with 15 of the nearly 600 U.S. offices of the Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service.

thumbnail image: thumbnail for: Extend Meat Shelf Life with LED Lights

Jan 28, 2012

Extend Meat Shelf Life with LED Lights

Replacing fluorescent lights with light-emitting diode units in refrigeration units yields the double benefit of energy and cost savings, along with extended shelf life for some meat products, according to new research from Kansas State University.

Jan 23, 2012

California Takes Lead on Listeria

Listeria doesn’t just make consumers ill—it can bring an industry to its knees.

thumbnail image: thumbnail for: FDA Clears Some OJ Shipments

Jan 23, 2012

FDA Clears Some OJ Shipments

The FDA has begun clearing shipments of imported orange juice after the beverages have tested free of a fungicide banned in this country, but many more are being held at the border.

Jan 14, 2012

Produce Pros Welcome New USDA Food Safety Tool

A new, free online food safety tool from the USDA, designed to help fruit and vegetable producers create their own custom food safety plans, has drawn praise from farmers.

thumbnail image: thumbnail for: USDA Sponsors 3-year, $9.4 Million Produce Research

Jan 14, 2012

USDA Sponsors 3-year, $9.4 Million Produce Research

A three-year, $9.4 million USDA-sponsored study aimed at developing scientific evidence to support food safety standards for the production of tomatoes and leafy greens will be the largest of its kind in the fresh produce industry, according to the study’s lead investigator, Robert Buchanan, PhD, director of the Center for Food Safety and Security Systems (CFS3) at the University of Maryland.

thumbnail image: thumbnail for: FDA May Modify Rule on Arsenic in Juice

Dec 09, 2011

FDA May Modify Rule on Arsenic in Juice

In the wake of a Consumer Reports study that found levels of arsenic that exceeded the federal standards for bottled water (10 parts per billion, or ppb) in about 10% of sampled apple and grape juices, the FDA has said it will consider tightening its restrictions on arsenic levels in juice.

Dec 09, 2011

Study to Assess Pastured Poultry Safety

On average, some 1,500 broiler chickens are sold each year by pastured poultry farms—small enterprises that raise the birds in open-air pens or free-range environments, giving them an antibiotic-free, organic diet that’s USDA-certified.

thumbnail image: thumbnail for: Fight Against Pre-Harvest Pathogens in Beef Highlighted

Dec 02, 2011

Fight Against Pre-Harvest Pathogens in Beef Highlighted

“Imperfect” but potentially effective technologies to control foodborne pathogens in beef pre-harvest are now available to government and industry, according to experts at a Nov. 9 meeting on pre-harvest pathogen control convened by the FSIS, the Animal Plant and Health Inspection Service, and the Agricultural Research Service.




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