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From: Food Quality & Safety Magazine, October/November 2014


Leveraging Innovative Technology to be Audit-Ready On Demand

How food safety technology helps companies be prepared for their regulatory, GFSI, and customer food safety audits

Reducing Seafood Shrinkage

Retailers using enhanced electronic traceability to manage their seafood supply chains can achieve less waste, better sustainability, and more satisfied customers

Making LIMS a Hub for Compliance and Much More

Lab information management systems harness data from myriad sources to not only prove product is safe for compliance, but to make production more efficient by pinpointing weak spots

Food Defense Audits

Companies throughout the supply chain are bulking up on their food protection tactics

The Do’s and Don’ts of a Food Recall

Applying a standards-based approach allows food companies to trace products with precision and remove them from the supply chain when a withdrawal is necessary

Cybersecurity in Food and Beverage Industry

Managing and maintaining a security program allows companies to adapt as new threats surface and new technology emerges

Traceability: Costs, Benefits, and the Future

Understanding the challenges, new rules, recommendations, and investments on route to traceability

Food Security

Guarding the production and distribution chains from serious public health and economic consequences

Selecting a Rapid Microbiological Test Method

There are various factors influencing a rapid method’s effectiveness that need to be taken into consideration

Color Assessment for Beverages

Beverages can be opaque, translucent, or transparent, all of which requiring different instrumentation and techniques for successful color measurement

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Scientific Findings: Date Labeling, Mycotoxin Control, and More

New research from Wiley's food science journals

New Product Reviews: Gluten Testing, Liquid Chromatography, and More

New products/service announcements

Industry News: FSMA Revisions, Seafood Traceability, and More

The latest news and notes

From The Editor

Are detection methods getting "smarter?"

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Moving Toward Laboratory Standards

As the move towards laboratory standards slowly progresses, food labs should not wait on a federal mandate to raise the bar on quality testing

The Fight Over Food Label Changes

Industry submits an avalanche of objections to FDA’s proposed revisions to the Nutrition Facts label

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USDA Food Safety Postcards – A Father’s Different Take on ‘Wish You Were Here’

A personal perspective on the efforts to educate consumers in handling raw meat and poultry products during the early 1990s E. coli outbreak

Combating Food Fraud: The Case for Product Lifecycle Management

Companies need to implement a streamlined process in order to gain and sustain certification

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October/November 2014

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