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From: Food Quality & Safety Magazine, December/January 2015


Confusion Surrounding Allergen Labeling

Adopting a systematic allergen risk assessment for industry will provide accurate allergen information to consumers, allowing them to make informed decisions

Uncovering Product Vulnerability

Addressing the risk of economically motivated adulteration in imported foods with vulnerability assessments

Intercepting Food Fraud Before It Hits the Shelves

Techniques to identify the authenticity and purity of products are in demand as more counterfeit foods enter the consumer supply chain

Rise of Product Diversion and Counterfeiting

Serialization and tracking and tracing have potential to reduce counterfeit products in food and beverage as well as the pharmaceutical supply chains

Crustacean Residues in Foodstuffs

An increasingly widespread issue in regards to food allergies, crustacean test methods must be very specific and detect minute quantities of allergen in complex food matrices

Pesticides in Imported Produce

Rapid pesticide analysis for fruits and vegetables by using gas and liquid chromatography coupled mass spectroscopy

Importance of Certified Reference Materials

Availability of CRMs for food testing procedures would ensure consistent, reliable results and could be used to establish sensitivity, linearity, and specificity during the validation of microbiological quality control methods

Lab Implementation of ISO 11133:2014

New mandatory standard for the preparation and quality control of culture media will reduce the workload for the qualification of new culture media batches procured from suppliers

Automation Manages Robust HACCP (and HARPC!) Programs

How automation helps define all HACCP plan parameters,manages CCPs and workflow, and sees process through to pre-shipment programs and reporting

Bridging Industry and Regulatory to Enhance Safety

The cross-functional collaboration of educational programs will enable food managers to properly respond to an illness outbreak or recall

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From The Editor

2014: International Year of Family Farming

Industry News: Meat Inspection, Seafood Labeling, and More

The latest news and notes

Market Expanding for Diagnostic Testing

The FDA’s growing focus on preventing food-borne illness rather than just responding after an outbreak has occurred is prompting big demand and growth in the diagnostic testing market

New Product Reviews: X-rays, Tetracycline Detection, and More

New products/service announcements

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Whole Genome Sequencing

This emerging technology has potential to revolutionize food tracking, but some worry that using it as a monitoring and enforcement tool will expose companies to unnecessary risk

When Food Brands Merge, Consumer Safety Must Come First

Mergers and acquisitions can cause a difficult transition period for plant managers as they struggle to integrate two distinct food safety programs

Food Safety in Australia

Australia’s food protection system sets high standards for accountability

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Food Product Recall Insurance: Lackluster Name, Important Service

It's a good idea to get insurance because it’s not a question of if your company will have a food safety violation that may result in product recall, but when.

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December/January 2015

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