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From: Food Quality & Safety Magazine, February/March 2015


Supporting Claims of Quality in Supplements

Educating the dietary supplement industry on what goes into quality audits and auditor quality

Non-GMO Verification in Dietary Supplements

Supplement companies seeking non-GMO designation are steadily catching up with the food and beverage sectors

Improving Environmental Controls

How to design an effective environmental monitoring program that is capable of detecting signs of microbial contaminants as early as possible

How to Fit Training into Your Production Schedule: Part 1

Providing food safety training for when new employees are onboarded to a company

Sweet and Savory: Popular Ingredients with Possible Lawsuits

FDA’s proposed rules and guidelines on the two most common food additives—sugar and salt—present a number of challenges to manufacturers

Compression and Tension in Measuring Physical Properties

Various types of fixtures can be used to perform everyday QC tests for food and packaging materials

Flow Behavior of Chocolate Melts: Working According to ICA Standards

An application note on viscotesters being used in QC applications for chocolate products

Determining pH During Cheesemaking

Guidelines and considerations for measuring pH in dairy products

Keep Your Cool

Automation technology played a critical role in Hill Country Bakery’s implementation of a temperature monitoring system at its distribution center

Food-Grade Lubrication

Utilizing single point automatic lubricators can increase both productivity and safety in the food industry

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Consolidating Food Safety

From The Editor

Industry News: Illegal Fishing, Labeling Beers, and More

The latest news and notes

New Product Reviews: Cold Storage Monitoring, Meat Packing Software, and More

New products/service announcements

Scientific Findings: Breeding for Agriculture, Functional Beverages, and More

New research from Wiley's food science journals

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Food Safety Outlook for 2015

The U.S. food system’s New Year resolutions include working within government budgets, meeting inspection goals, and forming better ties with China

Cracking the Case of a Multi-State Salmonella Outbreak

A look at the serious consequences that occurred when a peanut butter company put their profits ahead of safety

Out of Africa

Food safety and quality initiatives are growing on this wildly diverse continent

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Online Exclusives

The Growing Global Milk Market

Global changes in consumer habits and population growth have lead to an increasing demand for milk and milk products in both developed and developing countries

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February/March 2015

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