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Event: Microbiology & Food Safety Course (Fresno, Calif.)

The Microbiology & Food Safety course provides the fundamentals of food microbiology and an understanding of how microorganisms can be controlled in a food processing environment. The class focuses on reviewing microbiology and highlights the importance of process control, hygiene, and sanitation in food processing.

Event: Artisan/Farmstead Food Safety Workshop (Ithaca, N.Y.)

As artisan cheeses continue to gain popularity among consumers, there is a growing demand for distribution including farmer’s markets, retail, and foodservice outlets. The distinct nature of artisan and farmstead cheesemaking creates unique food safety practices and protocol that must be followed. Workshop will feature best practices for pathogen control and provide training to attendees on areas such as GMPs, preventative controls, sanitation, microbial controls, and testing.

Event: Food Safety Live 2014 (online)

The Food Safety Live online conference broadcasts to a global audience of 1000+ industry professionals, academics, and scientists. The purpose is to further educate the global community on important and current food safety issues and trends. Presentations will focus on the key challenges faced by businesses and food safety professionals operating in the global food industry, while providing solutions and practical ideas for improving food safety management system performance.

Event: Thermal Processing Professional Training Program (Washington, D.C.)

This program is designed to provide a higher level of understanding in optimal thermal processes to help mitigate deviations. This event is broken up into five specific subjects, One to two day workshops within the full program.

Event: The Food & Beverage Marketing & Advertising Law Summit (Chicago, Ill.)

Expert strategies for preventing food court litigation and regulatory enforcement targeting marketing and advertising claims while appealing to highly conscious consumers in a competitive environment.

Event: Dairy Plant Food Safety Workshop (Denver, Colo.)

Participants learn best practices and practical approaches for pathogen control through short lectures and hands-on small group sessions which include microbial swabbing techniques and strategies, evaluating sanitary design, and developing standard sanitation operating procedures (SSOPs). The workshop will help attendees understand how to build HACCP pre-requisite programs and prepare the attendees for new Preventive Controls requirements of FSMA. Significant learning comes from student interactions with...

Event: BRC Global Standard for Food Safety Implementation & Internal Auditor Course (Columbus, Ohio)

The Global Standard for Food Safety, Issue 6, is published by the British Retail Consortium (BRC). Originally developed in the UK Retail Market, it has acquired world-wide recognition as the framework for any business to produce a safe and quality product. The BRC Internal Auditor Course covers how to conduct internal audits in a facility. The two courses are offered over a three day period.

Event: Food Safety Workshop - Introduction to Food Microbiology: The Basics (Green Bay, Wis.)

Back by popular demand - two day workshop emphasizing the basics behind food microbiology. Interpretation, examination and hands-on techniques will be discussed. Benefiting Plant/lab managers, QA, managers and technicians.

Event: Supplier Food Safety Management (Rosemont, Ill.)

The workshop is science based and was designed to help companies identify, quantify, and mitigate risks from ingredients, packaging, equipment, and services. The approach taught is consistent with HACCP, GFSI schemes (SQF, BRC), and proposed FSMA requirements which broaden a dairy company’s accountability for its suppliers. Attendees will learn how to use a toolkit that assesses supply/suppliers for food safety hazards and will help determine appropriate prevention and mitigation steps. Participants...

Event: Efficient and Effective Product Recall Management (San Francisco, Calif.)

This training will focus on preparing regulatory, safety and quality professionals in the food and CPG industry in the end-to-end recall management process.




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