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Event: BRC Global Standard for Food Safety Implementation & Internal Auditor Course (Columbus, Ohio)

The Global Standard for Food Safety, Issue 6, is published by the British Retail Consortium (BRC). Originally developed in the UK Retail Market, it has acquired world-wide recognition as the framework for any business to produce a safe and quality product. The BRC Internal Auditor Course covers how to conduct internal audits in a facility. The two courses are offered over a three day period.

Event: Rapid Methods in Food Safety Microbiology Symposium (Burr Ridge, Ill.)

This symposium will address the critical role and state of rapid detection methods in key food industry segments. Given that methods and approaches vary widely across and within industry segments - what are the challenges to ensuring a timely and reliable food safety assessment? How can current and emerging methods best be applied? Critical questions like these will be explored in this thought-provoking symposium.

Event: Food Safety Workshop - Introduction to Food Microbiology: The Basics (Green Bay, Wis.)

Back by popular demand - two day workshop emphasizing the basics behind food microbiology. Interpretation, examination and hands-on techniques will be discussed. Benefiting Plant/lab managers, QA, managers and technicians.

Event: Supplier Food Safety Management (Rosemont, Ill.)

The workshop is science based and was designed to help companies identify, quantify, and mitigate risks from ingredients, packaging, equipment, and services. The approach taught is consistent with HACCP, GFSI schemes (SQF, BRC), and proposed FSMA requirements which broaden a dairy company’s accountability for its suppliers. Attendees will learn how to use a toolkit that assesses supply/suppliers for food safety hazards and will help determine appropriate prevention and mitigation steps. Participants...

Event: Efficient and Effective Product Recall Management (San Francisco, Calif.)

This training will focus on preparing regulatory, safety and quality professionals in the food and CPG industry in the end-to-end recall management process.

Event: Sensory Evaluation at Rutgers (New Brunswick, N.J.)

In this program, you will examine the pros and cons of different sensory tests, set up testing procedures, and evaluate real products.

Event: BRC - How to Interpret the BRC Food Safety Standard, Issue 6 (Emeryville, Calif.)

This interactive training course is designed to ensure that all attendees gain an in-depth and practical understanding of the Standard’s requirements, to understand the audit-certification process and then required resources as well as to gain a practical approach to implement the standards and provide “real life” examples. Participant will take part in interactive exercise and learn through real-life case studies.

Event: Making Sense of the Numbers: Statistics for Food Scientists (New Brunswick, N.J.)

This one-day intensive refresher course is led by one of the food industry's most experienced statistical specialists who knows the delicate art and science of mixing food and numbers.

Event: Introduction to Food Safety & HACCP Workshop (Boise, Idaho)

A one -day overview course especially designed for line workers, QC personnel, sanitors, supervisors, and other employees of food processing operations.

Event: HACCP Training (Burbank, Calif.)

This two-day HACCP training course focuses on developing a preventative approach for controlling potential hazards and to stay in compliance with new industry and regulatory requirements. The course ensures that employees gain the knowledge of food safety prerequisites, GMPs and HACCP principles and activities to integrate into your system. Participants will take part in interactive activities and gain practical knowledge on how to identify and prevent food safety hazards; establish control measures;...




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