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Event: HACCP Training (San Diego, Calif.)

This two-day HACCP training course focuses on developing a preventative approach for controlling potential hazards and to stay in compliance with new industry and regulatory requirements. The course ensures that employees gain the knowledge of food safety prerequisites, GMPs and HACCP principles and activities to integrate into your system. Participants will take part in interactive activities and gain practical knowledge on how to identify and prevent food safety hazards; establish control measures;...

Event: Fundamentals of Food Science Short Course (University Park, Penn.)

The course is designed for technical personnel who have little or no experience in the food industry.

Event: Dairy Plant Food Safety Workshop (Kansas City, Mo.)

Participants learn best practices and practical approaches for pathogen control through short lectures and hands-on small group sessions which include microbial swabbing techniques and strategies, evaluating sanitary design, and developing standard sanitation operating procedures (SSOPs). The workshop will help attendees understand how to build HACCP pre-requisite programs and prepare the attendees for new Preventive Controls requirements of FSMA. Significant learning comes from student interactions with...

Event: Implementing SQF Training- Ver.7.1. (San Diego, Calif.)

Learn how to navigate the SQF program with two-day advanced training courses delivered by a highly qualified instructor (SQF Auditor/Consultant). This course provides an understanding of SQF principles and activities. Participants will learn strategies on how to gather resources required for development, implementation and maintenance of the program for positive ROI and workforce improvement, best practices to update documents, verify results, and prepare for audits.

Event: GlobalG.A.P. Training (Salinas, Calif.)

The two-day GlobalG.A.P. training course provides a review of the general regulation, the certification system, and control points for the all farms, crops base and fruit and vegetable scopes. The controls points are actual audit checklists used by certification bodies during a GlobalG.A.P. audit or a fruit and vegetables operation. This course also includes online discussions, case studies, and question and answer sessions to understand how the GlobalG.A.P. system applies in practice.

Event: Quality Control Workshop - GMP (Utah State University)

This workshop will provide the necessary training to insure solid, basic understanding of current good manufacturing practices as a prerequisite for a successful HACCP program. The workshop will cover topics such as sanitation operating procedures, product identification and traceability, preventive maintenance, and education and training of employees.

Event: Internal and External GFSI Audits Workshop (Orlando, Fl.)

Provide and improve the knowledge, skills, and abilities required by GFSI auditors, Food Industry professionals, and internal auditors on all GFSI Standards.

Event: HACCP Workshop (Utah State University)

HAACP is an internationally recognized food safety system. This course will provide training to develop and implement a HACCP system. The course will focus on dairy and juice. Participants will receive help designing a plan for their company.

Event: Food Safety Workshop - Introduction to Food Microbiology: The Basics (Green Bay, Wis.)

Back by popular demand - two day workshop emphasizing the basics behind food microbiology. Interpretation, examination and hands-on techniques will be discussed. Benefiting Plant/lab managers, QA managers, and technicians.

Event: Advanced Sanitation Workshop (Utah State University)

This is an in-depth advanced training program for individuals having responsibilities for sanitation and quality control practices in food and dairy plants. The objective is to provide the individual with advanced skills regarding the properties of cleaning and sanitation.




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