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From: Food Quality & Safety Magazine, June/July 2014


GFSI Delivers Expertise Across Global Food Supply Chain

Experts worldwide collaborate on ways to improve risk management, safety standards, audits, and transparency at annual conference

Thermal Remediation for Managing Insect Pests

An alternative to harmful chemicals, heat treatment through the use of wireless technology can manage insect pests in manufacturing facilities

Quantification of Natural Sugars in Baby Food

Data demonstrates that FTIR spectroscopy can provide an efficient means of sugar analysis for QA/QC application

New Allergen Labeling ­Coming to the EU

What the EU Food Information for Consumers Regulation means for food manufacturers

Patulin in Fresh Fruits

The spoilage-causing mycotoxin presents its own unique challenges when it comes to detection procedures

LC/MS/MS in Detecting and Quantifying Mycotoxins

Control of these potentially life threatening fungai toxins in food and animal feed is vitally important

Best Practices of Automated CIP Systems

Using automation to create safe, reliable, and robust CIP systems for today’s demanding food production cycles

Attentiveness is Key to Quality Tomatoes at Backyard Farms

Maine-based tomato grower wins 13th annual Food Quality & Safety Award

Contamination and Animal Feed

Controlling potential contaminants to protect the food of livestock and pets

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Scientific Findings: The Effect of Storage on Ricotta, Listeria in Vacuum-Packed Smoked Fish, and More

New research from Wiley's food science journals

Food Contract Labs Gobble Up Market Share

An increased amount of food production facilities are sending food ­samples outside for analysis

New Product Reviews: Lab Management, PCR Assay, and More

New product service announcements

Industry News: Organic Fertility Research, Controlling Listeria in Delis, and More

The latest news and notes

From The Editor

GMO labeling law challenged

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Agriculture + Chinese Apples = Assurance of Safety?

The concerns surrounding the import of fruit juice ingredients from China

‘Doing the Right Thing’ to Ensure Food Safety

Incorporate food safety into all aspects of your business or risk becoming a target of FDA’s new enforcement powers

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Online Exclusives

Foodborne Illness Litigation

The impact that FSMA will have in foodborne illness litigation

5 Additional Ways to Prepare for an Audit

Techniques to consider before and during a certification audit

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