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From: Food Quality & Safety Magazine, February/March 2014


Incorporating a Color-Coding Program

Best practices in implementing a color-coding system for food safety

A Magnetic Approach to VTEC/STEC

Examining the nature, characterization, and detection of non-O157 VTEC/STEC with a focus on immunomagnetic separation as a technique of interest

Ethylene Management Breakthroughs

Improving the quality and shelf life of fresh produce

The Natural Power of Ozone

The benefits from ozone can be used in many capacities, such as for plant sanitation, extending product shelf life, or overall product safety

Fingerprinting Food: ­Augmenting Existing Near Infrared Technology to Fight Dairy Adulteration

The food industry is working to prevent food fraud by focusing on tools that help detect ‘unknown-unknowns’

Components for an Effective Pathogen Environmental Monitoring Program

Determining which organisms to target, the risk evaluation, factors in a sampling plan, and the corrective actions

Next Generation Pest Management

Greener services, scientific progress, and technical developments are contributing to the concept of ‘Next Generation’ Pest Management

The Food Safety Preventive Controls Alliance

Beyond a basic FDA-recognized curriculum, the FSPCA will be expected to develop training modules for specific food types

Brand Protection in a Social Media Age

Working together in building a proactive social media plan as part of an overall food defense strategy

Social Media Stirs the Pot

The fast-paced world of online communication offers impressions, impacts, tools, and lessons

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Letters to the Editor

Comments, disputes, support, etc.

Laboratory Equipment: Traceability and Throughput, Driven by FSMA

The right tools and services can keep labs running smoothly

Scientific Findings: Food Allergen Concerns, Real-Time Monitoring of Poultry Freshness, and More

New research from Wiley's food science journals

Honoring Outstanding Commitment to Food Protection

The 13th annual Food Quality & Safety Award to be presented at 2014 Food Safety Summit Conference & Expo

New Product Reviews: PCR Workstations, X-rays Systems, Microbial Tests, and more

New product/service announcements for February/March 2014

Industry News: Food Contract Lab Report, Pilot Testing Program for Raw Milk Cheese, and More

News and notes for February/March 2014

From the Editor

Social Media: Whether you’re addicted to it, don’t understand the point of it, or are just plain sick of it, there’s no denying it has become a powerful tool

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FDA Inspections in 2014: Big Ambitions Hampered by Limited Resources

Identifying how ‘data quality challenges,’ high-risk facilities, and budgets factor into the future of FDA’s inspection capability

Animal Food Rule: The Road to Compliance is Much Longer for Some

Facilities are hoping for extra compliance time as they navigate through preventative controls, cGMPs, exemptions, and Qualified Individual requirements associated with the animal feed rule

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