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From: Food Quality & Safety Magazine, August/September 2012


International Supply Chain a Challenge to FSMA's Effectiveness

Ensuring safety of foreign food a significant hurdle.

Training is Key to FSMA Compliance

Proper documentation of education efforts are as vital as the teaching.

Artturi Virtanen's Silage Preservation System Innovated Farming

The Finnish biochemist and Nobel laureate is most known for developing a method to preserve grain silage by increasing its acidity, called AIV silage.

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Gluten-Free: How Can You Prove It?

Analysis using the G12 antibody is providing more accurate allergen detection.

Insure Against Food Contamination

Make sure your company is financially protected.

Overcome Communication Barriers to Food Safety

Tailor employee training to avoid hazards stemming from language.

Case Studies in Cultural Awareness in Food Safety

How to ensure your message is heard while speaking the language of food safety in a diverse setting.

Age of Automation to Transform Food Labs

Leverage technology and technique to terminate threats to the food supply.

Keep Your Food Lab Pest-Free

How a complete, proactive program assures a sanitary facility.

How Green Is My Package?

Life-cycle analysis according to ISO 14040 guidelines is vital to ensuring pro-environment claims.

Minimize Risk in Food Automation Systems

Follow these best practices to minimize risk and ensure success in installing or upgrading an automation system in your food plant.

Future of Produce Testing in Question

The expense of detective work and exemptions for smaller farms might be a hindrance despite the availability of better and faster assays.

The Right Metal Detector at the Right Thym

Dry mix ingredients manufacturer Thymly Producs utilizes a metal detector that "learns" how to read individual products.

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Letter: Manage Change Well or Pay the Price

Tight change-management practices will help ensure sure footing for you and your organization.

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