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From: Food Quality & Safety Magazine, 07.27.10


Gene Boosts Shelf Life in Tomatoes

Finding may apply to range of fruits

Adding a yeast gene to tomatoes increased production of a compound that slows aging and delays microbial decay, researchers at Purdue University reported. High levels of the polyamine spermidine increased the shelf life of tomatoes and may do the same for other fruits, allowing delivery of fresh fruits to areas they do not normally reach, the researchers suggested.

FDA Issues Guidance on Antibiotics in Food Animals

Intends to reduce development of drug-resistant strains

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has issued a draft guidance calling for the “judicious use” of antimicrobial drugs in food-producing animals. The document, released June 28, calls for use of antibiotics only under veterinary oversight and when necessary for ensuring animal health.

No Differences Seen in Physical Quality of Retail Eggs

Study did not address nutritional quality

Commercially available eggs showed no substantial differences from one another in physical quality, no matter what production system was used, a study found. Specialty eggs such as cage-free, fertile, or nutritionally enhanced specialty types showed no differences in physical quality from traditional eggs, the researchers found.

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