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From: Food Quality & Safety Magazine, 4.22.14


In-Process Analysis of Fat and Dry Matter in Cheese: An Application Note

FT-NIR spectroscopy offers an alternative to traditional testing methods of processed cheeses

The international cheese market produces billions of pounds of cheese annually, making it one of the largest food industries worldwide. Cheese and other dairy products are regularly tested for components like fat, moisture, protein, and dry matter content. These factors affect the taste and manufacturability of the cheese, making their prediction critical.

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Risk of Foodborne Illness Twice as High in Restaurants vs. Homes

CSPI study helps public health officials, policy makers, and consumers better understand the causes and burden of food poisoning

Americans are twice as likely to get food poisoning from food prepared at a restaurant than food prepared at home, according to a new study from the Center for Science in the Public Interest. Their analysis of “solved” outbreaks over a 10-year period found a total of 1,610 restaurant-linked outbreaks that sickened some 28,000 people, compared with 893 outbreaks traced to private homes that caused nearly 13,000 individual cases of illness.

New Center to Provide Unbiased Research on Food Ingredient Safety

Located at Michigan State University, the center will help modernize ingredient safety science

The food, beverage, and consumer products industries, along with the Grocery Manufacturers Association and Michigan State University, are partnering together to establish the Center for Research on Ingredient Safety (CRIS). An independent, academic, science-based center, CRIS will serve as an unbiased source for information, research, training, and analysis on the safe use of chemical ingredients in consumer packaged goods including foods and beverage products.

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