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From: Food Quality & Safety Magazine, 4.1.2014


Using Enterprise Quality Management to Increase Visibility and Quality Transparency

DSM Nutritional Products applies evidence captured in TrackWise to improve business operations while delivering value and quality

With quality management always a top priority, DSM Nutritional Products understood the need to ensure the resources to collect, track, and report on its quality processes. As a result, in order to manage existing global facilities, newly acquired companies, and a complex global supply chain, DSM Nutritional Products decided it needed to implement a single integrated quality management system to support its current infrastructure that would streamline quality process adoption for any future acquisitions.

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Colorado Takes the Lead in Safety of Marijuana-Infused Food Production

The ingredient is still illegal in the eyes of federal regulators

In the absence of federal regulations for the safe production of food products that include marijuana, the state of Colorado is at the forefront of setting its own regulations. Colorado voters agreed to legalize recreational marijuana in November 2013, and now it falls to the state’s Department of Revenue Marijuana Enforcement Division to ensure that food made with this ingredient is safe for human consumption.

FDA Survey Finds Most Cantaloupes Free of Pathogens

Though most growers follow good agricultural practices, survey highlights some suboptimal practices that could lead to illness

Cantaloupe safety in the U.S. appears to be improving, according to results of a summer 2013 survey by FDA field officers that were recently reported by Michigan State University. “By and large, samples of melons last summer came back free of Salmonella, E. coli, and Listeria,” said the report. “Most growers are practicing good agricultural practices, even if they aren’t certified as such or keeping records documenting food safety practices.”

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