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From: Food Quality & Safety Magazine, 1.14.2014


Preventing Contamination at the Dock

Loading dock equipment can protect food products in cold and dry storage facilities

Loading dock equipment, originally meant to increase operational efficiency and to protect the safety of dockworkers, is now being enlisted to protect food products in cold and dry storage facilities as well as during production and transportation. Here are some warehouse solutions that can help a DC or processing facility strengthen their line of defense again contamination.

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New Approaches Needed in Reducing Salmonella-Related Illnesses

Pew Report Calls for Better Steps to Make Poultry Safer

Current federal performance standards for Salmonella contamination in chicken “do not adequately protect public health” and should be improved, a report released last month by the Pew Charitable Trusts asserts. The document suggests changes that could improve the control of Salmonella contamination in chicken and strengthen federal regulators’ responses to outbreaks.

Reviews Mixed on FDA’s Proposed Food Defense Rule

Rule would help prevent facilities from being target of intentional attempts to contaminate food supply

The FDA’s release in December of a proposed rule that would require the nation’s largest food businesses to take steps to prevent intentional food adulteration met with little surprise, though some in the food industry feel the guideline is both too specific and too broad.

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