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From: Food Quality & Safety Magazine, 10.1.2013


Will the Proposed Import Rules Cause Big Impact for Little Companies?

The foreign supplier verification proposal's increased risks for small- and medium-sized importers

Given the huge responsibility now being put on small- and medium-sized companies to insure the safety of their imported food, it is obvious the risk of doing business has just gone up considerably, along with the cost. Even if the supplier is in a county where FDA approves the food safety system, and even if the local government provides the inspectors, it is reasonable to expect there will be a cost for the resulting report and that cost is likely whether the inspector is from the government or is a...

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Report Points Up Lack of Oversight on Food Dating

Consumer confusion can be a food safety issue, authors note

The “sell by,” “use by,” and other types of dating on food products are poorly regulated, and the dates are widely misinterpreted by consumers, leading to false confidence in food safety, a new report suggests. More consistent nationwide standards for these dates are needed, as well as clearer, more transparent definitions for the terms used, the report authors indicate.

Is Fracking a Food Safety Hazard?

Scientist recommends Britain cease fracking until further research is conducted

The author of the first peer-reviewed study on the implications of hydraulic fracturing for the health of farm animals has warned U.K. planners to halt plans to expand fracking in Britain until the food safety implications of the practice can be assessed. Robert Oswald, PhD, a professor of molecular medicine at Cornell University’s College of Veterinary Medicine, previously published a report that linked dozens of cases of illness, death, and reproductive problems in livestock to gas drilling...

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