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From: Food Quality & Safety Magazine, 4.23.13


Expanded Recall Includes Food Products Distributed to Schools

No illnesses reported related to expanded recall, according to company

A recall encompassing 10.5 million pounds of frozen food products includes some items that may have been served in schools, according to the manufacturer of the recalled products. Rich Products Corp., of Buffalo, N.Y., recalled all products produced at its Waycross, Ga., plant with “best by” dates of January 1, 2013 through September 29, 2014 due to possible contamination with Escherichia coli 0121 bacteria

High Levels of Resistant Organisms Found in Meat

Amidst concerns, FDA spokeswoman says the report analysis ‘oversimplifies’ surveillance results

More than half the samples of ground beef, ground turkey, and pork chops tested by a national health surveillance program contained one or more bacteria resistant to at least one antibiotic, according to an analysis of the test results. The analysis, released April 15 by a nonprofit group, has raised alarms about these findings, but a FDA spokeswoman says the analysis “oversimplifies” the surveillance results.

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FSMA and the Peanut Butter Industry

Ensuring food quality in light of prior Salmonella illnesses linked to peanut butter

One of the largest recalls in the U.S. involved a supplier’s peanut products that were contaminated and distributed to more than 200 companies. This resulted in the recall of more than 3,900 products containing peanuts, tarnishing the images of many popular brands. The industry lost an estimated $1 billion and eventually forced the supplier to shut down operations...The introduction of FSMA brought greater insight into how peanut butter was being produced to ensure product safety.

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