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From: Food Quality & Safety magazine, December/January 2010

Product Spotlight

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Wide-Mouth Polyethylene Terephthalate Containers

The ThermaSet line is based on a proprietary process developed by Liquid Container that substantially increases PET’s glass transition point. The end result is sustained thermal stability at 205°F and shrinkage of less than 1%. Another benefit of the proprietary process is that it yields an incremental improvement in barrier. Liquid Container also has additional barrier options to meet more challenging product performance objectives.

(630) 231-0850  •

PetroOxy Oxidation Stability Tester

The compact PetroOxy features a small hermetically sealed test chamber in which a 5 ml sample is combined with oxygen at a pressure of 700 kPa (approx. 7 bar) and heated to a temperature of 140°C. These test conditions initiate a very fast aging process, which is measured by a pressure drop within the chamber.

(918) 459-7170  •



Flexible Freezer

The OctoFrost Model 2/1 and 1/1 are ideal for freezing of pizza topping as they deliver a result where requirements on attractive appearance, product volume, complete separation, flexibility, food safety, space utilization, and profitability are met and exceeded. With a capacity of 500 to 1,100 kg/hour and 500 to 700 kg/hours, compact design, and limited space requirements they represent the ideal replacement for cryogenic freezers.

+46 70 747 01  •

Four-Hole Patty Former

NuTec Manufacturing, a leading manufacturer of food processing equipment, offers an operator friendly, completely hydraulic, multi-hole patty former. The NuTec 750 provides accurate weight control, minimum leakage, and rapid changeover in a state-of-the-art machine. The 750 vane pump feeds directly to the mold plate cavity, and with a useable mold width of 19”, the 750 can easily portion certain items at over 4,800 pounds per hour.

(815) 722-2800  •

Multipaq21 Data Logger

The new state-of-the-art six- or eight- channel logger is accurate, rugged, waterproof, and programmable. The Multipaq21TX logger transmits temperature data to the operator’s computer while traveling through the oven, perfect for setting up new processes or getting instant feedback. IP67 waterproof rating and operating temperature of up to 185°F allow you to send this multi-channel logger to places never before imagined—and cleaning it is a snap.

(800) 762-2478  •

Flumequine Analysis for Food

The MaxSignal Flumequine Elisa Test Kit is designed to detect flumequine in fish, feed, honey, meat, tissue, serum, and urine samples. Flumequine is a first generation broad spectrum antibiotic which is used in veterinarian medicine for the treatment of enteric infections in domestic animals, poultry, and fish. The MaxSignal Flumequine Test Kit offers consistent, reproducible flumequine analysis in less than two hours, providing savings in both time and money when compared to other types of flumequine analysis techniques.

(512) 707-8993  •

Advanced Nanofiber Filter Cartridges

Nano-Key filter cartridges provide the cutting edge in water and wastewater filtration by utilizing advanced nanofiber technology to filter both through electro-adhesion and mechanical processes. Nano-Key cartridges, which feature ceramic nanofibers on a micro-glass matrix, provide outstanding reduction of virus, bacteria, cysts, endotoxin, and many other submicron particles.

+46 70 747 01  •

Optiquad Inline Protein Analysis Unit

The new Optiquad makes it possible to measure the protein content of milk and other milk products directly in the process line. It can be easily integrated into control loops as it continually determines the current protein content and provides that information to the control system. The unit features non-contact measurement of protein content in the process, extremely accurate measurement every second, up to four optical sensors in one device, including scatter, fluorescence, refraction and transmission, and up to 12 different wavelengths from ultraviolet to infrared.

(617) 367-0100, ext.121  •

CM9400 Canweigh Checkweigher

Mettler-Toledo Hi-Speed, the worldwide leader in product inspection equipment, will showcase its CM9400 Canweigh checkweigher, ideal for round containers such as cans. The system delivers accurate weighing of high-volume food production lines in excess of 800 ppm and its compact washdown construction minimizes space requirements, offering a low overall cost of operation.

(800) 447-4439  •




Saniflo Drum Unloader System

Wilden, the worldwide leader in air-operated double-diaphragm pump technology and an operating company within Dover Corporation’s Pump Solutions Group, announced today that its Saniflo Drum Unloader System has been designed to hygienically handle highly viscous food products that need to be transferred from storage barrels into mixing tanks during the manufacturing process.

(909) 422-1730  •



Twenty-Five Watt Fluorescent Lamps

There is an instant reduction of 7-Watts when comparing the new 25W T8 to standard 32W T8 lamps. The estimated energy savings over the longer rated-life is $28 per lamp @.10/kWh. By extending the relamping cycle, additional savings will also result from reducing maintenance and recycling costs. Benefits of enhanced lighting performance include high color rendering, lumen maintenance of 97%, range of color temperatures, and extended rated-life (up to 46,000 hours). Operates on any instant start and programmed start ballast.

(800) 223-0853  •



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