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From: Food Quality & Safety magazine, February/March 2010

Product Spotlight

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Sliding Softwalls

Zoneworks flexible Sliding Softwalls (or “curtain walls”) allow users to easily adapt large interior spaces to gain better environmental control, and/or create separate zones in order to create privacy, improve cleanliness, increase security, contain odors, fumes, dust or noise, and accomplish other key facility management goals. Made out of heavy-duty industrial vinyl, the flexible curtain walls are custom-designed for each application, allowing users to improve physical space without the cost, permanence, or space requirements of rigid walls. Systems can be reconfigured as facility layout or environmental control needs change.

(800) 553-4834  •

UV Lamp Detects Impurities

Sanitation engineers in food processing plants have a powerful weapon in the war against contamination. It’s the Spectroline BIB-150P ultraviolet (UV) lamp, which quickly and positively confirms the presence of trace amounts of rodent urine and droppings, oil, grease, dust, and other impurities that cause health violations. The BIB-150P delivers super-high UV intensity at an economical price. Its rugged polymer housing is impact resistant and dent proof. The lamp weighs only 3? pounds.

(800) 274-8888  •

Sanitary Checkweigher Scales

Hardy Instruments’ Enviro checkweigher bench scales meet the needs of the food industry for sanitary checkweighing electronics that withstand high-pressure, high-temperature washdown environments. Made of 304 stainless steel and featuring an IP69K rated instrument, the Enviro checkweigher is easy to clean and sanitize. It prevents materials and moisture from forming colonization points for harmful bacteria like Salmonella, E. Coli, and Listeria Monocytogenes. This checkweigher boasts the most visible display in the industry, with larger-than-average digits and amber LEDs to reduce eye strain.

(800) 821-5831  •

New IQF Film

New individually quick frozen (IQF) food packaging film is a specially formulated low-density polyethylene film that seals at low temperatures and maximum form/fill/seal speeds, even with contaminants such as blood, fats, ice, dairy products, or dry powders present. It effectively eliminates channel leaks when used as a monolayer package or as a sealing layer in laminated stand-up pouches and initiates seal at just 240°F. The new film is tough and durable, with an Elmendorf 2-mil tear value of 250 grams and tensile-elongation of 510% at break.

(513) 238-8552  •

Bi-Level Grout & Corner Brush

Nexstep Commercial Products, an exclusive licensee of O-Cedar, is proud to announce its new bi-level grout and corner brush. It features split shape with dual positions, ideal for cleaning grout in tight areas like the grout line of a corner where a wall and floor meet, with one stroke. Black polyester bristles are staple set into a high-density white polyethylene ergonomic handle, which provides superior durability, comfort, and long life. In addition, a hanger hole provides easy storage when not in use.

(937) 322-5163, ext. 124  •

Tray Indexing Conveyor Added to Product Line

NuTEC’s new Automatic Direct Depositing and Tray Indexing Conveyor is configured to run with their existing 720 Food Forming Machine. When set up with the 720, the Tray Indexing Conveyor efficiently portions and deposits patties directly into trays at speeds of up to 65 trays per minute. Designed specifically for small to medium processors, NuTEC’s completely hydraulic 720 Forming Machine is versatile enough to run beef, pork, poultry, seafood, and more. The same hydraulic technology employed on NuTEC’s larger models enables the 720 to provide greater dependability on a smaller capacity machine and guarantees perfect shapes, home-made product quality, and consistent weight control.

(815) 722-2800  •

Double Blade Ultra Hygiene Squeegees

Nelson-Jameson is expanding their line of Food and Drug Administration-approved squeegees with the introduction of new flexible Double-Blade Ultra Hygiene Squeegees. Specially-blended rubber blades are designed to harbor less bacteria than standard foam blades, achieving a higher level of sanitation. The replaceable blade cassette eliminates the need to discard the entire squeegee when blades wear out. The squeegees can be used with any Euro-thread handle, which is sold separately.

(800) 826-8302  •

New Impact Doors

Aleco, the largest manufacturer in the United States of impact doors, strip doors, and flexible barrier products for light to heavy duty industrial, commercial, institutional, and food service applications, announces that its new ImpacDor catalog is now available. This new catalog features all of the company’s flexible and rigid impact doors, including several new models. The new Aleco ImpacDor XHD-175 is a continuously welded aluminum sub-frame with large vision panels and high bumpers, allowing excellent visibility and maximum durability. The AIS-175 is the industry standard featuring a full thickness, flexible design for punishing applications.

(800) 633-3120  •



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