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New Product Reviews: PCR Workstations, X-rays Systems, Microbial Tests, and more

Food Traceability System

Traceability Plus provides retailers with near real-time monitoring of their supply chain. It’s comprised of three components. First, the Digital Traceability System lets companies at each step in the supply chain securely record and share structured data. Second, Data Check module automatically monitors and analyzes structured data as it’s recorded into the Digital Traceability System. It enables users to write rules against which they want the data to be checked. Third, the Marketing Module can educate consumers and buyers by sharing specific product details such as the exact farmer, fisherman, forager-harvester, or food manufacturer who delivered a product to market. Trace Register, 206-621-1601,

Rapid ‘Indicator Organism’ Testing

Rapid ‘Indicator Organism’ Testing

MOCON has added rapid “indicator organism” testing capability to its GreenLight microbial detection platform, thereby reducing test time up to 60 percent, according to the company. In addition to the previously available total count testing capability, the GreenLight system now is able to simultaneously test for Enterobacteriaceae and total coliform counts using an oxygen depletion sensor and automated reader. Target applications include dairy, cheese, and meat, as well as sanitation initiatives. MOCON, Inc., 763-493-6370,

PCR Workstations

The AC600 Series PCR workstations are designed as application solutions for the manipulation and amplification of DNA and RNA. They are available in 24-in., 32-in., and 48-in. widths. Features include built-in 254 nm UV lights for irradiation and HEPA filtration. Standard on 32-in. and 48-in. wide models, the UVTect Microprocessor Controller maintains airflow to provide a clean Class 100 work area during PCR preparation. UVTect provides audible and visible alarms to alert the end user of insufficient airflow, UV bulb changes, and HEPA filter changes. AirClean Systems, 800-849-0472,

Simple Microbial Tests

NeoFilm microbial tests require only the inoculation of a fabric sample pad and an incubation period. Following incubation, the sample pad is evaluated for bacterial colony growth. NeoFilm tests are available for coliforms, E. coli, yeast and mold, Staphylococcus aureus, and aerobic bacteria. The test films are color-coded for easy identification, and the required incubation time is printed right on the test to simplify the procedure for the technician. Test films can be stacked as they are inoculated. NeoFilm requires no “spreader” and there is no gelling or set-up time. Neogen Corp., 800-234-5333,

Horizontal Beam X-ray System

Horizontal Beam X-ray System

The Xpert S400 is engineered to detect metal, glass, dense plastics, and other foreign objects in vertically-oriented containers such as metal cans, plastic bottles, cartons, and standup pouches. Its compact length enables placement into tight production spaces and the X-ray source/detector height easily adjusts to match the customer’s conveyor passing through the inspection tunnel. Specific software algorithms developed for tall profile packages look for contaminants in problem areas such as package edges, bottom center, and top. Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc., 763-783-2500,

Horizontal Beam X-ray System

Enrichment Broth

Listeria Express Enrichment (LEE) Broth enhances the expression of target antigens for most commercially available immunological test methods whilst maintaining suppression of non-target organisms. According to the company, the key to the efficacy and convenience of LEE Broth is the blending of selective components directly into the medium, eliminating any need for supplementation. LEE Broth is formulated to stimulate growth from low numbers of organisms in the original sample to achieve the high levels required for further testing within a 24-hour incubation period. Lab M,


In Other Product News

The Texture Pro CT software from Brookfield Engineering is now 21CFR Part 11 compliant.

Union Jack now offers a new line of industrial water nozzles made by Columbia Products.

Invisible Sentinel partners with Jackson Family Wines on a rapid diagnostic to detect Brettanomyces, a wine spoiling yeast.

3M Food Safety’s Petrifilm Rapid Yeast and Mold Count Plate receives AOAC-PTM approval.

Eppendorf North America launches five new models to epMotion range of automated pipetting systems—epMotion 5075 systems are used for automated liquid handling applications.



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